Siya Ke Ram – Read 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 139]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with kids asking Hanuman for some food. Hanuman says hunger…. The boy asks him to give them fruits first and then Hanuman can eat. Hanuman thinks what to give them. He gives them fruits and asks them to share it. The boy says just two bananas for us. The other boy says we should share these two bananas and Hanuman will eat all fruits alone. Hanuman sits and eats plenty of food. Jai ho pavan putra hanuman…. They look at him. Hanuman finishes many fruits. The boys say Hanuman has ended all bananas, and now other fruits will end too. Hanuman finishes lemons. The boy gets angry seeing this.

Hanuman ends all fruits in some time. He gets up and turns to the boys. The boy hides the two bananas. Hanuman says I think you guys are not hungry, you all did not eat two bananas, I can’t see bananas’ insult, give it to me. He eats the two bananas too. He asks why are you seeing me like this. The boy says we all are still hungry, and you ate all fruits. Hanuman says why did you not say before. The boy says we told you, you don’t listen to anything once you see fruits. Hanuman says let me think of something, come with me.

Sita asks Laxman did he understand what she said. He says yes, don’t worry. She asks him to keep Ram busy, Ram should not know till I end my work. Laxman says you go and come soon, I will manage, will work end on time. She says sure Laxman. He says you don’t need to go anywhere far, you will get everything close to river. She says sure. She smiles and leaves. Laxman gets tensed seeing Ram coming.

Ram asks Laxman where is Sita. Laxman worries to lie….. He smiles and says Sita has gone to make some drawing. Ram says drawing, come we will go to her. Laxman says why don’t we meet ashram people today. Ram likes the idea and says come. Laxman gets relieved.

The boy asks Hanuman why are you getting us here, what will we get here to have food. Hanuman laughs and says you will get red fruits here. The boy asks where. Hanuman says there it is. The boys look around. The boy says we don’t see any fruits, its just leaves here. Hanuman laughs and lifts the long trailing plants. All the melons fall. The boys get glad. Hanuman asks them to eat, as they were hungry. The boys are unable to break the water melon. Hanuman breaks melons and gives them. The boy says it was tasty. Hanuman says the day was spent good today, from tomorrow, we will practice, come on time, go home now. A boy stops. Hanuman asks why did you stop. The boy says I want to go with you, the high point where you sit alone and look on, I want to see whats there, its my request, take me there.

Sita reaches the lake and smiles. She takes some mud from the river bed. Bhoomija….plays……………. Sunlight strikes her. She continues her work. She forms some mud.

Kaikeyi says since childhood I tried to not become like my mum and not take any selfish decision. She recalls her mum and dad. FB shows Ashwapati laughing. His wife asks the reason. He says there is no reason. She says it means you were laughing on me. He says no, the thing was something else, but I can’t tell you. She asks why. He says I did not hide anything from you, I can’t tell you, its about the vardaan, if I tell anyone, I can die. She says you worry for your life, what about my self esteem which got hurt, you are selfish. He says you are selfish, you love your self esteem than my life. she says yes, I do, you are hiding things from me. He says what type of wife are you, whats left in our relation then, I end relation with you right away. FB ends. Kaikeyi says I also did not care for my husband’s life and ruined my family, just like my mum.

Hanuman gets that boy with him. The boy smiles seeing the mountain peak. Hanuman asks him to come, hold me tight. He takes the kid and flies. Jai ho….plays……………

The people in ashram welcome Ram heartily. They talk what they heard about Ram’s great deeds. The man says Raghu is lucky to get you, there are many mothers here whose children could not be found now. Ram assures them that there is no need to be afraid of the Rakshaks, and promises them that he will end the torture, and free them of the terror. Laxman looks on. The man says our fear got less by your saying, we will be thankful to you all our lives. The men leave. Ram says Laxman, our real test in vanvaas will start now, we have to do Kshatriya Dharm along with Sanyaasi Dharm, its imp to protect the Rishis and end this Rakshaks terror. Laxman says sure.

Precap :
The boy asks Hanuman whose sign is this. Hanuman looks at Ram’s sketch. Ram meets Sita. He says I was worried, and that’s why I was finding you. Sita says if I get lost then… Ram says I will do anything to find you, as I can’t live without my Sita. She hugs him.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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