Siya Ke Ram – Read 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 138]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the boy showing his house over the mountains. A lady is shown ill and other ladies take care of her. They ask the lady not to worry and trust Lord. The lady cries and asks how to not worry, he is my son, to do her upbringing was my aim, I did not make him away from me ever. Anusuya Mata comes there. She sees the lady. She feels the breeze and says air shows some positive vibes, like any good news is coming.

The boy brings Ram, Sita and Laxman to the ashram. He runs calling Maa. The lady gets glad hearing her son Raghu. She runs to meet her son and falls down. She still runs and hugs her son. Mata Anusuya smiles. The lady hugs and kisses her son while crying happily. Mata Anusuya sees Ram, Sita and Laxman. Sita walks ahead. Mata Anusuya says you have come Sita, I was waiting for you since long. Sita greets her purity and says your Pati Vrath Palan is a great example for all women of the world. Ram says you have brought pure Mandakani river in Chitrakupt for people’s welfare, accept our greetings. The boy says they have saved my life from hawks. His mom says you saved my life, how to express my gratitude.

Rishi Atri comes there and welcomes Ram, Sita and Laxman in his ashram. He says my ashram has become more pure today by your arrival. Ram says we are blessed meeting you Maharishi Atri. Rishi Atri asks them to take some rest.

Kaushalya and Sumitra pray. Kaushalya says since many years, Ram was never with me, first Gurukul, then with Guru Vishwamitra, after he came after marriage, I felt our lives got happiness, but then everything shattered. FB shows those moments. She says but Kaikeyi realized her mistake late, else Ram would be with us, Sita, Laxman would be here, and Maharaj would be with us too. She cries. Sumitra says whatever happened, its not in our control, ego and greed, it weakens person’s sense what person becomes his own enemy, this happened with Kaikeyi, but she realized her mistake and is repenting too. This is testing time for our family, it will be for 14 years, we have to keep our family united, we can respect the all the four couples’ love and sacrifice, we are praying for our Ram today, so that he always stays fine and healthy. Kaushalya says I wish to meet them. Sumitra says me too, but it won’t be right, if we meet them, vanvaas will be tough for them.

Kaushalya says sometimes I don’t get sleep at night, thinking about them, how are they spending lives in van, how is Sita staying there, who would be helping them. Sumitra says Mahadev is there, I m sure he will take care of them in any avatar. Hanuman is shown. Jai hanuman…..plays…………… Hanuman flies and jumps across the trees. The little monkey kids see him and smile. They ask Hanuman to take them to the sky, hurry up now. Hanuman smiles and says fine, come. He takes kids on his back and flies in the air. The kid asks what happened to you, you are going slow. Another kid says true, he has less powers today, and asks him to fly high. Hanuman says fine, hold me tight. He takes them inside clouds. They enjoy. A kid falls down and they get worried. They ask Hanuman to save the kid. Hanuman smiles.

Hanuman holds the kid by his tail and saves him getting the kid on his back again. The kids smile. The kid says we came very far, we should go back. Hanuman smiles.

Shruthkirti asks Shatrughan what is upsetting him. he says I did injustice while doing justice. She says you did this according to Rajya rules. He says that’s one sided and biased towards women. She says you have to take such decisions even when you don’t believe in that. He says its tough to become king, we don’t think how the king is surrounded by problems and expectations, they came to get justice, they will feel I did injustice with them, they won’t think why I took this decision. He gets sad and says the girl is young, I have sent her on vanvaas, knowing it will be tough on her to stay in van alone, Rajya rules always raise questions on women, not men, when the girl returns after vanvaas, she will be stained forever, the society will not forgive her, this has become curse for that girl, whats the need of such Rajya rules.

She says I can sense fear in your words, is this true or my illusion. He says its my fear, my decision will become sorrowful for her dad, I m afraid for Ayodhya, if justice is one sided, then it will be big danger for us. She asks why can’t rules be changed. He says it became definition, we have to explain everyone. She asks what do you mean. He says its tough. She asks is it impossible. He says no, I will start to bring change, don’t know when will it form. She says Sita always asks to find solution, despite many hurdles. He says it should not happen that this rules’ injustice and wrong decision guilt is awaiting a big sacrifice.

Precap :
Hanuman gives fruits to kids and asks them to share. Hanuman sits eating all the fruits.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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