Siya Ke Ram – Read 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 137]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram making something at night. Its morning, Laxman tries keeping himself busy to avoid sleep. He hurts his hand by thorn. Sita sees this and gets worried. Ram is still making the shivling. Sita goes to him and sees Ram making shivling by his hands. Ram greets shivling. Sita asks him to explain Laxman. Ram sees Laxman and says I know his problem.

Its night, Ram and Sita pray. Laxman guards them and gets sleepy. He avoids sleep and stands by. Laxman turns and sees the bright light. Devi Nidra appears there. She tells him something. Devi Nidra then goes to Urmila. Urmila greets her. Devi Nidra blesses her by putting some light on her. Urmila wipes her tears and smiles. She lies down on the bed and tears roll down her cheek.

Ram and Sita’s prayers end. They smile. Ram turns and sees Laxman. Laxman gets teary eyed and goes to Ram and Sita. He holds Ram’s feet. Ram asks him to get up. Laxman thanks Ram and Sita, they have helped him in doing his duty, Nidra Devi has come here and blessed me to get rid of sleep, so that I can serve and protect both of you. Ram hugs Laxman.

Its morning, Shruthkirti goes to Urmila’s Kaksh and says its strange Urmila is sleeping till now, Urmila does not love to sleep much. She goes and tries to wake up Urmila. She gets worried. She cries and calls out for Mandvi and Matas. She sends Daasi to call them. Kaushalya, Mandvi and Kaikeyi come there and ask what happened. Shruthkirti says Urmila is not waking up from sleep. Kaushalya asks Urmila to wake up. She asks Mandvi to give her water.

Kaikeyi looks on and cries. Mandvi gives water. Kaushalya puts water on her. Sumitra comes and cries seeing Urmila sleeping.

Sumitra asks what happened. Kaushalya says don’t know, she is not waking up from sleep, her breath is running normal, what maybe the reason, did she take any herbs that she got in deep sleep, what would be the reason. She asks Urmila to get up. Guru Vashisht comes there. Sumita asks him to see Urmila, she is not waking up. He says she is in deep sleep, she has no illness and risk of health, none can wake her up, she will wake up when right time comes. She asks the reason for this unnatural sleep. Guru Vashisht puts some light on Urmila and closes eyes. He sees Laxman and Nidra Devi, and hears their conversation. Laxman asks Nidra Devi who is she, sorry he did not identify her. She says I m Nidra Devi, I have seen you since many days, if you do this, your death is definite. He says I know, but I m not scared of death, I have to protect Ram and Sita, if I sleep and could not do my duty then… you are Nidra Devi, I request you to help me.

She says going against nature is ruining, it will be against my duty too. He says there will be some way, please tell me. She says the solution is… if anyone gets your sleep in your sleep, its possible, is anyone like that. He says someone is there who understands my duty and love towards Ram, if you ask her to accept my sleep, she will surely do. Nidra Devi then goes to Rrmila and says I m Nidra Devi, I came here on Laxman’s request, he wants to get rid of sleep for 14 years so that he serves Ram and Sita, its possible when you get his sleep for 14 years. Urmila agrees and says its my good fate, the man who can sacrifice such big thing for Ram and Sita, for him I can do this, I accept this. Nidra Devi asks her to sleep tonight, and this sleep will break when Laxman returns. She blesses Urmila and Urmila goes to sleep. Guru Vashisht sees all these moments.

Guru Vashisht tells everything to the family. She says Urmila has accepted to get Laxman’s sleep till his return. Kaushalya says Rajrishi Janak’s daughter can do such big sacrifice and cries. Mandvi says no, even Laxman is great, he has sworn to serve Ram and Sita without getting his sleep, its big example of fulfilling duty. Guru Vashisht asks them to give necessary food and water to Urmila so that she does not get weak. Sumitra says we will take care, but who has informed you. He says Kaikeyi informed me. Kaikeyi cries standing at the door. They look at her.

Ram goes to Laxman and finds him sad. He asks what happened, you should be happy. Laxman says Urmila has put herself in danger, I did not give her anything else than problem, its not her mistake, even then she made her life a punishment, I did big injustice. Ram says don’t see it as punishment, she did what she had to do to support you, respect her decision and sacrifice, like we know Janak’s daughters, Urmila would have happily accepted your sleep, come, we have to leave for ashram. Sita comes with the boy and says Laxman…. She says this can’t fill Urmila’s absence, but whenever you get sad, this idol will bring you out of sorrow. She gives Urmila’s idol to Laxman. Laxman cries. They all pray to shivling and proceed……. Laxman lifts the boy on his shoulders. They all walk ahead. The boy says thats my house…. And shows place on mountains…. Ram smiles.

Precap :
Hanuman is shown. Jai hanuman……plays…………………

** Jai Shree Ram **

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