Siya Ke Ram – Read 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 135]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram giving the eatables to Sita and putting that in her dupatta. She roasts the vegetables in fire and gives to the boy. She smiles seeing the boy eating it. She then gives food to Ram. Laxman guards them. Sita calls Laxman and gives him food. They all have food. Sita makes the boy sleep. Ram sits near the fire and adds wood. Sita goes to him, and asks what are you seeing like this. He says my good luck, which got evident to me in your avatar, in such tough situation, you behave calmly and with maturity, I get surprised seeing this.

Sita gets hurt and he rushes to her in concern. She smiles. He lifts her. Ram Ram…..plays………….. He makes her sit and holds her hand. He cares for her hand. Sita rests on his shoulder. He holds her. They sleep.

Its morning, Sita wakes up and sunrays fall over her face. She keeps her hadn. Ram sees this and blocks sunlight for her comfort. She sees him and smiles. The boy runs to her and says look what Laxman got for me. He eats something. Sita sees Ram’s cloth around her, and looks at her. Ram goes to her and asks her to give his vastra/cloth. Laxman comes there and brings fruits. He tells Sita that he arranged food, no need to bear trouble. She asks why does your eyes look watery and tired. Laxman turns away. The boy says Laxman has been awake all night, that’s why his eyes look so tired. Laxman nods no. Ram looks at him. Laxman does not presents his efforts.

Urmila is doing some arrangements, and asks Daasi to hurry up. Sumitra comes to her and sends all the Daasis out. She asks Urmila why are you not sleeping, I m seeing since many days, you are working a lot, and not sleeping in night and day, take care, if you get unwell, what will I answer Laxman. Urmila says Mata, don’t worry, I m such, I sleep very less. Sumitra says Laxman used to sleep a lot, and see he has sacrificed his sleep and serving Ram and Sita day and night. Urmila says I also want to do such. Sumitra says it does not mean you also sacrifice your sleep. She sends Urmila to rest.

Bharat digs the soil. Shatrughan looks on and walks to him. He asks Bharat whats happening. Bharat says this is my resting place, I will stay live. Shatrughan says you are joking right. Bharat says no, its related to Ram. Shatrughan asks how does this shallow pit related to Ram. Bharat says Ram is on vanvaas, he is staying on earth there, its not right for me to stay on earth/ground, I can’t be equal to him, Ram is always my inspiration, how can I be equal to him, so I made my resting place by digging a big shallow pit under the ground, this is to lower level than me.

Shatrughan cries and goes away. Bharat goes to him and asks what happened. Shatrughan says forgive me, I could not see your sacrifice, everyone get mad seeing comforts in this world, but you are one, who got everything and had courage and selflessness to sacrifice it all, you are great, you three brothers will be remembered in Raghukul, your virtues will be always known, I regret that I could not contribute in this sacrifice. Bharat says I did not do anything by sacrificing things, you are doing the great thing by taking the duty on your shoulders, you protected Raghukul’s prestige, I feel glad and proud seeing you, you are Ram’s rightful heir in future, I m sure you will take Raghukul’s respect and prestige higher.

Shatrughan says I don’t know I m deserving and suitable heir or not, but I will regard the Rajya work as my duty, I came to inform you that Rajya work is starting again, its time to bring out Praja from sorrowful state. Bharat says you are saying right. Shatrughan says I will give you timely updates about Rajya work. Bharat says no need, I don’t want any updates, if you find any problem in taking any decision and you need my advice, you are always welcome, Ayodhya Rajya is in safe hands now, you manage it well, this is my wish. They hug. Shatrughan says now allow me to leave. He leaves.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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