Siya Ke Ram – Read 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 133]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sita hearing a kid’s cry. She goes to see and walks with her wounded foot. She sees a little boy sitting behind the plants and crying. The boy sees her and comes out. He throws something/stone in the sky to hit the hawk and a hawk comes there to attack Sita. She gets shocked. Ram comes there and shoots arrow at the huge hawk. Ram asks what are you doing here, you are hurt and you should rest. She says I heard a small boy crying and came here. Ram asks boy? The boy hugs Sita. Sita asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. Sita asks him not to be afraid, Ram will not do anything, you are safe, we are with you, what are you doing here. He says I stay in ashram, and I m Rishi’s student, the hawks attack us and take people away. He tells how hawks pick people and throw them in jungle. Laxman comes and boy hugs Sita seeing him. Ram looks on.

Urmila asks what are you doing. Bharat apologizes to her and says I m culprit of Ram and Sita, and equally yours. I don’t have any right to apologize to you, you can give me any punishment, I will accept it. she says don’t say this, it was not your mistake. He cries and says no, its my mistake, you have not stopped Laxman from going to van with Ram and Sita, this is sign of selflessness, you have accepted separation from your husband, gave up your happiness, you are great…. She cries…. And says I gave promise to Laxman that I will never become hurdle in his Dharm palan towards Ram, I have just fulfilled my promise, my wish is that Laxman’s duty should not have any problem, that he serves Ram and Sita without any pause, if I could help him in any way, this will be my good luck. Bharat looks at her and folds hands. Mandvi and Shruthkirti look on and leave with Bharat.

Laxman says it is my duty to protect you in Ram’s absence, but I did not do my duty well, I went to make slippers for you for our journey ahead, forgive me. Sita says its fine, Ram came on time and saved me. Ram says there can be any danger here, we have to be alert. He asks the boy does he know the way to his ashram. The boy says its very far. Ram says fine, just show us the way. Laxman takes the boy on his shoulder, and they proceed.

Sumanta tells Guru Vashisht that this time is tough for Ayodhya’s rajya family and Praja. Guru Vashisht, says such things can’t become hurdle in Rajya’s duty, Bharat has to accept the throne and duty towards Ayodhya. Sumanta says but why did Bharat not come till now. Bharat comes there in sanyasi clothes. They get shocked. Shatrughan looks on.

Guru Vashisht asks him whats this Bharat, why did you wear tapas clothes, you have to fulfill duty as the king. Bharat says Gurudev, I can’t stay in Raj bhavan now, I decided to stay in a small hut and lead a tapasvi life. Shatrughan asks is this decision right at this time? He says how did you think Raj Guru, ministers, mothers, and Ayodhya’s Praja will accept this decision. Bharat says I have right to take decision related to my life. Shatrughan says sure, but not at this time, when your Rajya is facing trouble, Ram hs given this duty to you, your life is now bound to manage Ayodhya for 14 years. Bharat says what did I do till now, I just obeyed everyone. He cries and says for the first time, I m going to do what I wish. Sahtrughan asks did we live from our wish, you have to fulfill Rajya Dharm before fulfilling your own wish, Ram’s life is big example of selflessness, even our ancestors have done this, you have to respect this tradition. Bharat says tradition…., if I stay more in this Raj bhavan, I will lose my mental balance.

He says if you were in my place, you would have understood me Shatrughan, I feel like entire Rajbhavan, every corner of it shouting and telling me that I m Dasharath’s murderer, I m the reason for Ram and Sita’s depature to vanvaas, the reason of everyone’s sorrow, did you not see blankness in Praja’s eyes, which developed in their lives after Ram left, I m the reason, tell me, how can I imagine to make a prosperous and blissful Rajya, I don’t have any self esteem and other’s trust now, its important for me to get my self esteem back, so that I stay alive. Shatrughan, Sumanta and Guru Vashisht cry.

Shatrughan says enough now, if you go away, will mothers’ sorrow get less, will Urmila’s sadness go away, will Praja be free of their sufferings, how can this be solution for problems to go away, the truth is you are not running from Rajya and Praja, you just want to run away from yourself, what will you do when your guilt reaches you there, you have to come out of this, you have to solve this problem, you have to fulfill the duty given by Ram, you told Ram that you will do his sevak’s duty, you earn Praja’s love and respect by serving them, if you leave Rajya, it will be bad example from us, our rival Rajya will attack us thinking we are weak, will you not be responsible for this. Kaushalya and Sumitra come there. Kaushalya says enough Shatrughan, not a word more. Bharat looks on.

Ram, Sita, Laxman and the boy proceed. Ram looks at the volcano. The boy says our ashram is behind that volcano, we will take many days to reach there, that too we have to face the problems, such as hawks and Rakshaks too. Ram looks on.

Precap :
Mandvi tells Kaikeyi that Bharat has decided to lead tapasvi life and leave from Raj bhavan, he has worn ordinary clothes like Ram. Kaikeyi gets shocked. Laxman says this route will have many dangers ahead. Ram says we just have to be careful, and all problems can be dealt with. Kaikeyi says who else will bear the punishment of my mistake, why is my fate such that I have become the reason/cause for all this.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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