Siya Ke Ram – Read 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 152]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

ravan playing veena

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The Episode starts with Sampati refusing to have jack fruit. Chatayu asks him to have it. Sampati says my feathers burnt and you promised me that you will get great food for me. Chatayu says they are good people, not any Rakshaks. Sampati says I would have not left them and shown them heaven. Ram comes there and asks him to show him now. Sampati asks him to shut that door. Ram and Laxman come there. Chatayu says they are Ayodhya’s king Dasharath’s son. Sampati says Suryavanshis..

Raavan plays veena.  Malyavaan comes there with Meghnadh. Raavan says veena sound clears all stress. Malyavaan tells him about sending Karbhushan and sorting some problems, and Kishkindha is Vanara/monkey kingdom, that is a problem for us, Bali and Sugreev are your friends. Raavan says monkeys are weak by nature, they can become friend and enemy of anyone, theyc an become enemy of anyone for their dear things. He asks Meghnadh to manage Kishkindha, Bali and Sugreev have enough love for each other, they can do anything for each other. Meghnadh understands and leaves. Raavan laughs and continues playing veena.

Sampati says so Surya dev has sent you to talk about peace, after ruining my life. Ram says when anyone sinks in water, we don’t blame water, as we know water is doing his Dharm, you knew Surya’s dharm, why are you angry on Surya. Sampati says I don’t want to listen anything, don’t come close to me, I hate sun and my foolish brother, who went close to sun. Ram says you are not angry with Surya and Chatayu, this is not complete truth, you challenge Chatayu about flying high, you are angry on that, as this incident happened because of that bet, you lost your wings and that’s why you are angry, you have to get food by your brother, and that’s why you regret and have anger to be dependent on your brother completely, tell me is this true. He asks Sampati not to stop his emotions and let it flow out. Sampati starts crying. Sampati asks how did you know my heart’s thing, I regret to challenge Chatayu, it all happened by my mistake, I did bad with my brother. Chatayu says no, if this is true that I have flown high because of you, its also true that I m alive today because of you. They hug and cry. Laxman looks at Ram.

Sampati thanks Ram…. Ram says no friend, and opens his arms for Sampati…… Sampati gets gladly surprised…… Ram hugs him. Ram Ram…..plays…………………. Ram asks him to forget the past and whenever he allows sunlight to touch him……. Sampati throws his burnt feathers….. and says you got me out of my guilt and anger and gave me new life, I hope I get a chance to serve you in my life. Chatayu says I think its all fine, I will inform everyone that this place is nice for everyone to stay. He goes.

Malyavaan tells Meghnadh that Raavan’s decision was right, when he has sent Virat to kill those sanyasis, we have to capture Kishkindha and get that in our control. They turn and see some  fox coming. Malyavaan smiles. The fox turns into humans…… They ask Meghnadh why did they call him. Meghnadh refers them to them as Mama shree and says I called you for some work, Bali and Sugreev are becoming powerful and we have to do something to control Kishkindha. The man says we alerted Raavan since long but he did not take it serious, as Bali is his close friend. Meghnadh hurts them. They ask him to leave. Malyavaan says Meghnadh….. Meghnadh leaves them and says Raavan’s decision is always right, he decided by seeing situation, and today also he has seen situation and took decision, he asked you to use any way to get Bali and Sugreev under our control. The men says we will do anything, they will be in our control soon. Meghnadh greets them signing them to leave. They leave. Meghnadh says Kishkindha will be under Raavan’s rule soon.

Roma and Sugreev come to the garden to have mangoes. Roma asks Sugreev why did he used to hide after keeping the mangoes basket, when she used to come before marriage. He says I did not hide. She says when you kept baskets and got hidden, I used to see your tail and understand its you behind the tree. They smile. The fox men come there and attack Sugreev. Sugreev says if Bali and Raavan were not friends, I would have not leave you both. The man says they are not friends. Sugreev says you Asurs have shown their true nature and cheated us, I will show you the result now. He beats them. Roma looks on worried. The fox get beaten up. Sugreev says how dare you Asurs attack on Kishkindha…. The man takes out knife to attack Roma.

The man stops Sugreev and asks him to stop, else he will kill Roma. He asks his brother to kill Sugreev. Sugreev gets beaten up. Roma cries. Hanuman comes there on time and saves Sugreev’s life. Jai hanuman……plays……….. The man says you have come to get beaten up too after seeing your friend getting beaten up, stay at one place, if you act clever, then think this woman will die. Hanuman pushes one man and tells the other one that he is coward, one who uses woman and fights. The man says I m not coward, you did not see my courage and power. Hanuman laughs and says I m seeing, you are hiding behind a woman. He beats both of the Asurs….. They both think to run to get saved, before Hanuman kills them. They run away. Hanuman smiles. Roma asks Sugreev is he fine. He says yes. Hanuman says don’t worry, Sugreev is brave, he is habitual to get beaten up. Sugreev says yes, and you always come after I get beaten up. Hanuman says I came late thinking you came in garden to have mangoes, I would have come soon if I knew you came here to get beaten. Roma smiles.

Precap :
The Rakshaks’ wife and children cry. Sita asks a lady what’s the reason of their sorrow. The lady blames Sita and says its all because of you, we all became widows, because of your husband and Devar. Sita gets shocked.

** Jai Shree Ram **

samapdi siyakeram

ram enters sampadi caves

jataya looks on

ram and lakhsman

ram cute looks

ravan plays veena


ravan plays veena

ram and sampadi

ram and sampadi

ram and sampadi

ram and sampadi

ram open hand for hug

ram holds sampadi

megnad and malyavan

sugreev gots beaten

roma is in danger

hanuman saves sugreev

sugreev fights

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