Siya Ke Ram – Read 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 151]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

virad eating food

The episode starts with child asking hanuman why we came here, then hanuman replies you should complete ur study at gurukul. child says,  that is impossible, then hanuman tells him nothing is impossible in this world . child says i don’t like that study then why should i learn that and i want to be good doctor. Hanuman says u want to be doctor then i will promise u that should happens in future, but for that u give me word that u vl return to gurukul. Then child says now i will definitely go to gurukul now.

Then story shifts to asur place where virad eating meat and there comes nar and dhushan and they says u forgot ur promise to ravan then virad says no and i will attack an those three people and leaves  that  place.

Laxman asks sita u r not coming with us. Sita replies both of u go, i will stay here. laxman  says no bhabhi here rakshas vl come we won’t leave u alone. Sita says u don,t worry about myself  laxman. Laxman draws laxman rekha around hut and and says bhabhi please inside this rekha it is safety for u and ram and laman leaves the hut.

Surpanaka looks eating of kumbhkaran, he completes his eating and drinks water. Surpanaka says brother  i want ur permission to go there. Kumbhkaran feels sleepy, she says u just wake up and again ur feeling sleepy, he says iam getting sleep and he slept.  There comes meganad,sulochana and ravan. Surpanaka is very angry and throws water on kumbhkaran face and says ur not listening to my words. He won’t wake up. And ravan laughs seeing that ands goes from there.

Rishi says to child father that take ur son from gurukul to home. Child father asks give him another chance he vl learn and there comes child saying pithaji, his father with angry asks where u went and why u are not doing well in ur study. Child says i don’t like this study and hanuman comes there and greets rishi and says why u put ur dreams on child future and once u asks ur child what he wants to achive in future.child father says he his my son i know what he vl do in his future.  Hanuman says child  don’t like this study so he goes for sucide. This mistake is not only by you, all parents are thinking like this only. This child is very good in helping the people and he want to continue that then rishi says now onwards i vl give training of doctor to this child. Child father says sorry to his child and hugs him and he says thanks to hanuman for saving his child life. Sulochna practicing with megnad talvar and megnad comes there and asks give his talvar.

Precap : 
Someone attacks on sugreev and roma.

** Jai Shree Ram **

sulochna siyakeram

kumbkaran wake up

lakhsman rekha

virad demons

virad eating meat

suprnakha is worry

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