Siya Ke Ram – Read 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 149]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raavan seeing the Dandakaranya, and telling Malyavaan about many Asurs are killed in all directions and areas, the murderers are travelling there, there are protecting all the Rishis from Asurs. Malyavaan says they are calm since some time, they did not kill anyone and did not come to our side. Raavan says they stopped as they are protecting Rishis now, this is their outside area Panchwati, if I was there, I would have chosen same area, there is water and food, the murderer is staying here, he is a good warrior.

Chatayu says you are exactly like Ram, and praises Ram. He says Dasharath is blessed to have a son like you, tell me how is my friend Dasharath. Ram and Laxman get teary eyed. Chatayu looks at their silence. Ram signs he is no more. Chatayu gets shocked and sits crying. He says I had wish to meet my friend again, but now that wish won’t be fulfilled, I can never forget him. Ram wipes his tears and holds him. Chatayu tells about the big battle and Dasharath was called there, we got many chance when we fought battles together, then an incident occurred, and then I could not meet him again. Laxman asks what incident. Sita brings something wrapped in red cloth. She shows a big jack fruit. Laxman gives that to Chatayu. Sita smiles and asks him to eat it thinking its his fav food. Chatayu eats the jack fruit. They all smile.

Hanuman asks is everyone ready. The kids say yes. Hanuman says we will learn Dobhi Pachaad Dau today. The kid says we have to go to Dhobi then. They all laugh. Hanuman asks that kid to come first and wrestles with him. The kid falls and other laugh. Hanuman asks how was it and says this needs mental strength, not physical strength, if we fight with alertness and strength, big enemy can also bite dust. Hanuman asks the boys to show the demo now and calls Keru. The boys wrestle. They fall down and others laugh.  Hanuman tells them that we have to be cautious and alert when we are learning new skills, and we should try many times even when we feel. He calls other kid and asks him to practice wrestling, till then I will practice eating. They laugh. He picks Keru and leaves, while other kids wrestle. Hanuman eats water lemons with Keru. A kid rushes to him and informs something. Hanuman gets shocked and flies in air. He leaves from there. The kids look on.

Surpanakha thinks she is super skilled, she will surely go where she decided, she needs to awaken someone, who will support her against Lankesh. Meghnadh sees her and thinks I know what you are going to do. They all hear some sounds. Meghnadh goes to Raavan and Malyavaan. Raavan goes there and looks on. Meghnadh says he can’t wake up. Raavan says she is my sister, she will do this, and you know what to do.

Hanuman looks for some boy. A boy cries and says my life has no meaning. He jumps down the cliff. Hanuman smiles seeing him and holds him with this long tail. He saves the boy and asks if anything happened to you. The boy says my life has no meaning, let me die, leave me. Hanuman asks who are you, what problem you have in this young age that you are going to commit suicide. The boy recalls and tells about Rishi scolding him as he could not aim right. Rishi asks him to go and die somewhere. The boy says my father wants to make me warrior like him, but I can’t fulfill his wish, my Guru made me leave his ashram, what will I do now. Hanuman thinks when a father puts burden of his dream on child, this happens. He says come with me, we will have food and then think of some solution for your problem.

Sita feeds Chatayu. He stops her. She asks are you saving this for someone. He nods. She gives him the fruit. He says this is for my elder brother Sampati, he flies in very high speed, but now he can’t fly….. Sita asks why can’t he fly. Chatayu says its because of some mishap. He says I have many stories to say, till when will you hear, are you not bored. Sita says no, what comes from happy heart reaches other’s heart, tell us. Chatayu says my brother and I used to fly together, we always used to compete and see who flies higher, my brother said I don’t fly higher, I did not like this, I got flying high. FB shows the moment.

Chatayu says I forgot I reached close to the sun, my wings were going to get burnt, my brother hugged me and his two wings got burnt by sun rays, He loved to fly, but he could not fly again, he did big sacrifice for me, then I decided I will always be with my brother, that’s why I could not meet Dasharath, from that day, my brother did not come out in sunlight, he hates sun and Suryavanshis too, he is always angry. Sita says anger has reason, when reason has solution, then anger is resolved.

Precap :
The people beat big dhols and play shank, to wake up Kumbhkaran. He wakes up and asks who dared to do this. Surpanakha looks on

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram sad

chataya is hungry

hanuman teaches fighting

hanuman teaches fighting

ravan and mehgnad

small boy cries

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