Siya Ke Ram – Read 24th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 147]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 24th April 2016 Written Episode Update

ravan sitting in singhasan

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The Episode starts with a man seeing the girls dancing in some club type place. Surpanakha comes there looking drunk. She starts dancing alone and all dancers get away. The man stares at her. She collides with that man while dancing rounds. He says you are Raavan’s sister, such Kul kanya and such behavior, it does not suit you…… He sees her nails lengthening and gets scared. She goes to attack him. Raavan comes there and stops her. Everyone bow down and sit infront of Raavan. Raavan walks to her. He asks her to calm down. Raavan talks to his son Meghnadh. Raavan asks Surpanakha to come with him. She cries and goes with him.

He asks her not to worry by small things, think something big, you have everything, what are you finding, why are you wasting your life. Surpanakha says I got cheated when I did love, I m finding the reason for it, why did this happen with me, why did he do this with me. He says its foolish to be in past, I told you I will get you married to whoever you say, you could not decide in these all years, you are misusing the chance I gave you. She says I have seen, whoever Asur came in my life was by your fear, I can’t get any true love, this problem has no solution, you gave me freedom, but not by your fear…… He looks at her.

Meghnadh gives the man a drink. The man’s hands get shaken up. Meghnadh asks him to drink. He asks how did you control everyone. The man says I control them by fear. Meghnadh says its good, how do you make them afraid. The man says fear of punishment, small punishment for small mistakes and big punishment for big mistakes. He starts laughing. Meghnadh stabs on his hand. The man screams…. Meghnadh says you have pointed finger on my Bua Surpanakha’s character, do you know who she is, you decide your mistake and your punishment, you would know bad words for Raavan and his family can’t be bearable. He says you will decide the punishment for your crime. The man gets shocked seeing Raavan there.

The man gets scared and stabs his own hand. Raavan says Meghnadh, Nana Shri Malyavaan did not come till now. Meghnadh says maybe he got busy in some work. Raavan says no, he got late and this looks some unnatural sign, find it out.

Meghnadh sends the guards away. His wife Sulochana asks for whose is this. He says for dad. She talks bad about Raavan and says your family as just greed. He shouts Sulochana and asks her to control her tongue and words, Raavan is his dad and has first most place in his life. he suffocates her neck and then leaves her. He says I m bound by my Dharm, else I would have had many wives, but I have just one wife, I just love one woman, that’s you, this is important that you remember this too. She says I know, and leaves annoyed.

Raavan tells Virat that you did such mistake, you should get death punishment, but I give you life, the reason is you are the only Rakshaks who know Dandakaranya (Dandak Forest), you can help me in my work, you will enter Dandakaranya with the army, kill those two humans and get them here, this will be the basis of your new life. Virat thanks him and says I will do as you say. Virat leaves.

Surpanakha comes there and says I will also go Dandakaranya. Raavan says no, you can’t go there, they are going for battle. She says you asked me to have some aim in life, I will go there and guide them in battle, I will make some motive in my life. he says you have courageous, but right now you are not in state to go there. She gets angry and her long nails comes out. Raavan asks do you want to harm your brother, just because I stopped you from going. She asks him to understand her, she has to see those two humans who faced the magical powers and failed our powers, I can’t bear our failure, I want to meet them and make them lose, let me go. He says you are Lankesh’s brother, if you want to battle, then go for big one, this is not necessary. She says no, I will really go. He shouts Surpanakha and his 10 heads appear…… Malyavaan and Meghnadh get up from their seats. Raavan asks her to go, but never come back to Lanka. She gets shocked.

Precap :
A man meets Ram and is happy meeting Ram. The man says I heard a lot from you. Ram asks more about him. The man falls in his arms being wounded.

** Jai Shree Ram **

demon teases suprnakha

angry suprnakha

ravan is angry

meghnad entry siyakeram

suprnakha looks on

megnad siya ke ram

ravaan siya ke ram

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