sita feels shy when ram stare her 7 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 99]

7 March Episode starts with

Dasharath and Sumanta being on the way to Guru Vashisht’s ashram. Dasharath asks Sumanta to drive the cart fast. Dasharath meets Guru Vashisht and tells him that he wants to spend his remaining life in sanyaas, and he has to get free of his Rajya works. He says I have decided to do Ram’s Rajya Abhishek. Guru Vashisht smiles. Dasharath asks him to bless him, and give a shubh mahurat for this work. Guru Vashisht closes eyes…. And gets bad vibes….. He opens eyes and thinks the work for which Dasharath is asking blessings, how to tell you Dasharath that it will trigger your fears to lose your son and the result will be bad too, but this is perhaps the fate and none can change the fate. None can change the time of that moment completion.

Dasharath says I m excited for that time when Ram will sit on the throne, please tell me the mahurat. Guru Vashisht gives the mahurat which is next day. Sumanta says we have to do all preparations in one night. Dasharath says don’t worry Sumanta. He asks Guru Vashisht to come with him to Ayodhya, his presence is necessary on such imp occasion. Guru Vashisht gets teary eyed and thinks how shall I tell you Dasharath, what challenges Rahuvansh has to face in coming time.

Raavan fumes and goes to Indralok. He thinks he will take revenge from Indra and get rights on Swarglok. The Devs stop Raavan and ask him to return. Raavan says I m thinking to face troubles today. Agnidev throws some fire ball towards Raavan. Raavan laughs and stands safe. Devs gets shocked. Raavan withstands all the attacks and laughs. All the Devs get some more powers and attack on Raavan together. Raavan chants mantrs and closes eyes. He still stands safe and laughs. He then gets his magical sword. Agnidev says no one can fight with this Mahadev’s weapon. Dev tells Agnidev that we have to leave from here for our good. They leave. Raavan looks on.

The minister Dharampal wonder what happened that Maharaj called Sabha at this time. Another minister says maybe some problem is going to come. Dasharath walks in with Guru Vashisht and Sumanta. Dasharath greets all of them. He apologizes to call them at night. He says I need your advice and suggestion in some important decisions. He asks all the Rishis and ministers to take their seat. He says Ayodhya’s bright past is not hidden from you, our ancestors have always taken care of Praja and made KaushalRajya proud, even I have used my body towards the welfare and protection of my Praja, now I want to give some rest to my body, that’s why I want to give Rajya work to my eldest son Ram. They all smile. Dasharath says Ram is above my expectations and best in everything, if you all agree, I want to declare Ram as the next king of Ayodhya.

Rishi agrees and says we all Rishijan give our approval for this, Ministers too agree for Ram and praise Ram. All ministers give approval for Dasharath’s proposal and praise Dasharath’s decision. Dasharath says your approval completed my decision and tells the mahurat of Ram’s Rajya Abhishek. They all get glad. Dasharath and Guru Vashisht smile. Dasharath asks Rishi to manage the preparations. He asks ministers to decorate entire Ayodhya with flowers and give food to poor Brahmans and donate things. He asks them to do pujan with special things. He says everyone should know that Ram’s Rajya Abhishek is happening. He asks Sumanta to get Ram and Sita in Sabhagrah. Sumanta leaves.

Raavan goes to Swarglok and catches Apsara. She asks him to leave her and cries. He says I want Indra, Apsaras don’t need to be scared of me. He leaves her. He asks Indra where are you, see I have taken over this Swarg and the throne. Dev Guru stops Raavan and says this is Indra’s throne, Indra is king of Devs, Devs has chosen him by their happiness, and one who has won over Indra in battle can sit here. Raavan says battle would have happened when that coward came infront of me. A hawk comes there and Raavan smiles seeing him. The hawk gets human form and greets Raavan. He says I got to know where is Indra and tells the place. Raavan says I will take revenge from him, I will win over him and then sit on this throne. Raavan leaves.

Vidyuthjeeva sees the swords. Surpanakha comes laughing and says Jai ho Raavan, he has gone to kill Indra, he will have his rule in Swarg. She hugs him and says I m very happy. Vidyuthjeeva thinks Raavan will die soon by my hands, I want a chance.

Ram and Sita stand in balcony and see the sky. Sita says night looks different today. Ram says it seems star’s light increased. She asks where will this change sign to… Ram says that’s what I m trying to understand. Sumanta comes to their Kaksh and says Ram.. Ram says you here at this time, is everything fine. Sumanta says yes, Maharaj called you both in Sabhagrah. Ram and Sita look at each other. Ram says he called us there at this time. Kaushalya comes worried and asks Ram whats happening, Dasharath just came from Guru Vashisht’s ashram and this Sabha, is there any difficult problem. Ram says don’t worry, whatever Pita ji will take decision keeping justice in mind, come. Sumanta stops Kaushalya and says sorry, Maharaj just called Ram and Sita there.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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