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Siya Ke Ram – 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 98]

6 March Episode starts with

Sita apologizing to Dasharath. She says this happened because of me, I entered that Kaksh and made you realize the forgotten past, I have made you hurt. He says no. She says heart has some pain hidden and some of them keep hurting us, its necessary that we don’t hide it in heart and free it. She holds his hand and says you called me daughter, by this right, I m telling you to share your problems with me, free your burden. He asks how to hide it from you, don’t know why I feel I can share it with you, maybe because you are also related to this matter.

He tells her everything about Shravan’s death, and his father’s curse. Fb shows that moment. Dasharath cries. Sita wipes his tears. Raavan fumes and recalls Surpanakha tying rakhi to him. He asks her what nek she wants. She says for a sister, brother’s blessing and love is the biggest gift. He recalls that in FB. He tells Maylavaan that Surpanakha married my enemy. Surpanakha comes there and cries. She asks for his blessings so that he can go. He says I don’t bless my enemies and keeps sword on her neck. She looks at him.

Sita thinks to talk to Ram about Dasharath’s problem. Ram comes to the Kaksh and sees Sita worried. He asks what happened, are you thinking about Mithila. She says I did not feel I m away from Mithila after getting so much love here, I want to talk about your dad. He asks what is it, that you are thinking so much. She says there is some past incident, which you don’t know till now. She tells him everything…. She says Shravan Kumar’s parents cursed Dasharath and this is cause of his worry. Ram recalls Dasharath worrying for him always, and not expressing the reason of his worry. He says so this is the thing, by which Dasharath is always afraid, I m thankful to you Sita for making me know this truth. I will have to meet Dasharath right away. He leaves.

Surpanakha says even I m upset, I can’t live knowing you did not bless me, its better that you kill me by your hands. She stars crying. Raavan moves the sword away. She asks him to kill her. Raavan gets emotional. She repeats the same. He says Surpanakha, my sister and hugs her by forgiving her. She gets glad. Vidyuthjeeva comes there and asks him to end their enmity and accept this relation. Raavan says I love my sister a lot, I m sending her with you by forgetting our rivalry, be careful, she wants to spend her life with you, she assumes this is her happiness, you should never hurt her. Vidyuthjeeva says sure, don’t worry. He thinks that Raavan can forget enmity, but I can’t, I will kill you whenever I get the first chance.

Mandvi sees the painting and says if I went along you, it would be good, I can’t bear this distance. Mantra comes there and says whenever I see you, I feel why don’t you get more respect than Sita, when will that day come. Mandvi says never, its not possible, if it was possible, I would have not let that day come, whats your problem, what did Sita do, why do you want this, why are you bad towards Sita. Mantra says I don’t have time to think this, I m worried for you, world does not give things to those who don’t ask for rights. Mandvi asks rights? Mantra says right to become queen, Dasharath promised Kaikeyi’s father that Kaikeyi’s son will be his heir, that day has come. Mandvi says no need to bring me in this, you always give me more importance and show that I m important than them, don’t you know eldest son is the heir, my husband is not Dasharath’s eldest son, remember this well, I m not interested in doing anything that breaks the family, I can’t hear a bad word against my sister Sita, you can leave from here. Mantra gets shocked and leaves.

Ram comes to Dasharath’s Kaksh and sees Dasharath in ill state. He sits by his side and holds him. Dasharath sees Ram and gets up. He asks you here at this time. Ram says you always say when I m infront of you, everything is fine. Dasharath holds Ram’s hand. Ram massages his leg and says I have come infront of you, I want to solve all your worries. Dasharath says I did not understand. Ram says I came to know about the curse from Sita…. Why did you not tell me before.

Dasharath says I did not wish you to know this. Ram says you stayed all life with this burden, and worried that if this curse turned true then what will happen. He says Bharat and Shatrughan are not here, even then we know they are fine, whats true which we feel or our prediction of bad future, there is relation between Lord and devotee. Dasharath tells about his love for Ram, just a father can understand the worry and love for a son. He says I have four sons, but I m afraid to be away from you, I love you the most, I get bad dreams since many years and that scare me. Ram asks was there any benefit by getting scared, if this curse is fate, then it will be fulfilled, its good to accept the curse and spend life. He says it will be good when you make me away from your heart. Dasharath says this can’t happen till I m alive. Ram asks then why to get afraid of bad fate. Dasharath says it’s a test of infinite love, you freed me from my bad dreams and its prediction. He cries and says Sita did right by telling this to you, she did big favor on me, she did my Uddhar….


** Jai Shree Ram **

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