sita and ram standing on balcony during night 5 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 97]

5 March Episode starts with

Dasharath taking the arrow and placing it back. He says none is allowed to come here. Sita says guard told me, but I just… He stops her from saying and says you should have not come here. She goes. Dasharath looks at the arrow and recalls Shravan’s death and his father’s curse. He thinks how to tell you Sita that I have hidden my biggest sorrow and fear in this Kaksh.

Sita comes to her Kaksh/room. Ram sees Sita and goes to her. He says I will make all possible tries to clear your doubts. She asks what. He says yes, but you have to tell me the reason. She says I entered Satyabhavan by mistake. He says but none is allowed to go there. She says guard told me that time, Dasharath has come there. Dasharath looked very sad, as if I have made him recall any big sorrow, seeing him in that state, I felt pain. Daasi tells them that Dasharath is unwell, and Kaushalya called both of them in her Kaksh.

Dasharath coughs and all the family members worry for him. Ram and Sita come there. Ram sits by Dasharath’s side. Dasharath says Ram, my son…. Kaushalya says Ved ji asked you to rest. Sita asks what happened. Kaushalya says I don’t know the reason, he has high fever. Sita says if you allow, then can I tell the cure, I have acquired ayurved knowledge in Mithila. Kaikeyi says why not, if it benefits Maharaj.

Sita goes with her sisters. They all make some ayurvedic remedy for Dasharath’s ailment. Sita takes that liquid and gives to Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Dasharath to drink it. Dasharath drinks that liquid/kada. Sumanta comes and addresses Ram. Ram goes to him. Sumanta says Dasharath’s bad health news can create disturbance in Praja, I request you to fulfill his duties, some importance decisions for Rajya had to be taken, you are his eldest son and has total rights to do his duties. Kaikeyi says yes son, don’t worry about Maharaj we all are with him, Sumanta is right, just you can fulfill Dasharath’s duties, go soon. Ram obeys her and agrees. Mantra gets annoyed and thinks Bharat has to go on wrong time. Ram asks Laxman to come with him. Ram looks at Dasharath and goes.

Raavan goes to Surpanakha and stops Mandodari from doing her tilak. He gets angry seeing Supranakha and her husband. Mandodari goes to Raavan. He throws the aarti plate and scolds Surpankha for marrying his enemy. Vidyuthjeeva says Lankesh, don’t bring Asurs and Danav’s enmity between our love, we got married, we did not do any sin. Raavan says I know why you married, you could not make me lose, that’s why you protected yourself by cheating me this way. Surpanakha says don’t call our love a deceive, he did not cheat you. Raavan says I m ashamed, its necessary that I kill you both. Vidyuthjeeva says fine, war will happen. Raavan says your death is definite. Vidyuthjeeva extends his tongue to bite Raavan.

Sumanta shows some Rajya problems to Ram. Ram asks Laxman to arrange some items for Praja soon to end that problem. Sumanta discusses more kingdom affairs with Ram and Laxman.

Sita takes care of Dasharath. Daasi asks Sita to have food. Sita asks did Ram have food. Daasi says no, he is sitting in Sabha. Kaikeyi asks Sita to go and have food, and also make Ram have food. She says we are here, you go. Sumanta gets a letter for Ram. Ram reads it and excuses himself. Ram goes to Sita. He asks how is Dasharath. She says he is resting, he will be fine soon, don’t worry. Ram says when you are taking care of him, why will I worry. She asks him to have food. He says there is some work, did you have food. He asks her to have food. She says I will wait for you. He says I will need some time. She says its okay, finish your work, we will have food together.

Mandodari stops Raavan and asks what are you doing, it’s a king’s Dharm to do justice, why did you marry me if you are against love marriage, I did not love you, you married me infront of my parents, against their wish. She says why are you not accepting them now, they both have consent for their marriage, now when its about your kul, you got against this marriage, is this a king’s justice. Raavan says then tell them, there is no place in Lanka for Danav, just leave from here and not come infront of me ever.

Sita comes back to Dasharath’s Kaksh. Kaushalya says Sita, you came so soon, did you have food. Sita says no, Ram is busy in Sabha, I can’t have food without him, you all take some rest, if everyone stay here together, there won’t be any benefit, we all will get tired. Kaikeyi smiles and says we are blessed to have a daughter like you. Sita says then agree to this daughter and take rest. Kaikeyi asks Kaushalya and Sumitra to come. They leave. Sita sees Dasharath and recalls his words. She thinks this happened because of me, I should have not gone in that Kaksh, whats in that Kaksh and that arrow.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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