ram at night after marriage 3 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 95]

3 March Episode starts with

Kaushalya bringing Sita to a Kaksh. She says Sita, this is your and Ram’s Kaksh from today, your life journey will start here and precious moments will be formed. She blesses Sita and goes shutting the door. Sita smiles. She looks at the moon. She turns and looks at the door, feeling Ram’s presence. Ram opens the door and she smiles seeing him. She turns the either side. Ram steps in the Kaksh. Ram says I got a gift for you, if you allow then… He goes to her and looks at her. She says I got the gift from your side before itself. He asks my gift? She says the letter you write to Kaikeyi, about me, Kaikeyi has given that letter to me. I m happy to know that you think such about me. Ram says what I think about you, you know this, but what you think about me, I don’t know anything, is this right?

She asks about the gift. He shows a hair accessory. She turns away and says if you made this by your hardwork, then make me wear it by your hands. Ram removes her overhead dupatta and makes her wear the hairpin. He then fixes the dupatta back. Ram siya ram….. plays………. They together look at the moon and sky…. Music plays……….. They see each other and smile….

Laxman comes there and greets them. He smiles seeing Ram and Sita. Sita asks him to come inside. Laxman tells Ram that I always massaged your legs before your marriage, if today… Ram says you always served me, but now Urmila needs your time, she would be waiting, go to her. Laxman says but… Ram asks him to go. Laxman says as you say and greets Sita. He leaves. Sita smiles seeing Ram.

Mandvi shows a covered painting and says its for you. Bharat smiles and asks can I see it. He removes the cloth and sees his portrait. He asks did you make this. She nods. He says its good, but…. There is something wrong in it. She gets worried and asks what. He says give me some time, I will show you. He takes the painting.

Laxman goes to his Kaksh and asks Urmila are you awake till now. She gets up seeing him and smiles. Laxman says our married life is starting from today, husband gives a gift to wife according to tradition, but I want to ask a gift from you. She says sure. He says Ram is my ideal since I was young, I always served him, that’s my Dharm. He holds her hand and asks her to promise that their love and duty will not become a hurdle in his Dharm towards Ram. She says Sita is the centre for our three sisters, we always stayed together, I can understand what you are saying. She holds his hands and promises him that she will never become hurdle in his Dharm, and not let any problem occurring from her side, this Seva emotions for Ram will give her happiness, as she knows Laxman will get happiness by serving Ram. Laxman smiles and hugs Urmila.

Bharat asks Mandvi to come and see the painting now, it got right now. She sees her portrait along Bharat’s and smiles. Shruthkirti says Sita was always with me in Mithila and here, I don’t know anything. Shatrughan hears her and smiles. He holds her and says you don’t need to worry, you can share your worries with me, if there is any question about the traditions/rituals here, you can ask me. He asks her will she not open the gift and see. She says I forgot and checks it. She smiles seeing beautiful jewelry. He asks did you like it. She nods

Mantra is angry and asks Sugni to tell her. Sugni praises Kaushalya and says she saved me from getting punished to enter that Kaksh. Mantra slaps her and says I told you to keep an eye on Sita, and you are telling me about Kaushalya, you are useless, go from here. She thinks what to do, no one cooks better food than me in Ayodhya, I will teach Mandvi and make her best, Mandvi will win Dasharath and get him on her side.

Kuber sees his messenger’s heads and says Raavan did not do right by killing them, I will stop Raavan and see how he conquers the world. Raavan says no one can stop me, you could not stop me from winning your lanka, how will you stop me from winning three loks, by your morals? You try to stop, but I m here to get all the world in my hand. Kuber says you are mistaken, world can be won by love and sacrifice, people can just be killed by powers. Raavan says you are using knowledge sword again. He holds Kuber by neck and says I told you not to have ego, you are Gyaani, don’t you know ego will hurt yourself, this knowledge is useless, your eyes hold knowledge right. He huts Kuber’s eyes and makes him blind. He says I will see who stops me from becoming Vishwa Vijeta….


** Jai Shree Ram **

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