Siya Ke Ram – Read 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 123]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bharat and Shatrughan crying seeing Dasharath. Bharat asks Kaushalya how did this happen, Dasharath was healthy when we left from here. He goes to Mandvi and asks her why is anyone not saying anything, why are they silent, answer me Mandvi, what happened here in this pure land. Everyone cry. Bharat looks for Ram and asks where is Ram. He asks Mandvi why is Ram, Sita and Laxman not here, their absence here is not natural, answer me. He asks Kaushalya to say where is Ram. He asks Guru Vashisht to say. He asks anyone to say.

Mantra tells Kaikeyi that Bharat has come. Kaikeyi gets glad and is eager to meet him. Mantra asks him to be careful, Bharat loves Kaushalya and Ram more than you, he does not know the truth, you have to tell him how he was getting cheated, else we can do mistake being close to aim, if Bharat does not support you, no one will allow you to stay here in this Bhavan, you have to tell truth to Bharat. Kaikeyi says yes, I will tell him everything. 

Mandvi tells everything to Bharat. Bharat gets shocked knowing the two conditions put by Kaikeyi. Mandvi cries and tells how Ram, Sita and Laxman left for vanvas. He gets fuming in anger and rushes to Kaikeyi. He goes to her Kaksh and calls out Rani Kaikeyi….. Mantra says Maharaj Bharat ki jai… he stops Mantra and says you won’t say a word today. Kaikeyi says Bharat, my son. He says don’t call me your son, you are not my mother. Kaikeyi and Mantra get shocked. Bharat cries. Kaikeyi says I know you are shocked, this happened in your absence, I was alone and waiting for you. He says your wait is over, I m infront of you, see how happy you made me now. She asks what are you saying, I did this for your rights. He says its sin, if you thought for my good, you would have not done this, you would have not hurt those for whom I can give up my life, because of you, Pita ji has left his soul, Ram, Sita and Laxman had to leave Ayodhya, and both Matas would be broken, all the family has sunk in sorrow, I m the cause of all this sorrow of family and Praja, your crime has proved this.

She says I asked for my rights, is that a crime, Adharm or sin, Maharaj gave me two wishes which I asked, what wrong I did. He says Pita ji gave you two wishes by believing that you won’t misuse them, he did not know you will use it for your greed. She asks greed? He says yes, you wanted to fulfill your greed by using me as shield, this battle was for your ego, not my betterment, and today you failed everyone in this battle, even me. Kaikeyi says no, I don’t know who provoked you against me, it was big planning against you after you left, I did this for you. She asks why did you not kill me after giving me birth, that would be better for me. She shouts Bharat.

He cries and says I felt I m very lucky to get father like Maharaj Bharat, elder brother like Ram, but today I have seen my bad fate that you gave me birth. Kaikeyi cries and says don’t say this son. He asks son? You called Ram your son, you loved him more than me, and Ram also loved you more than Mata Kaushalya, he respected you more, and Pita ji did not let you feel any difference in his love, you got more importance than Mata Kaushalya and Mata Sumitra in this Raj bhavan, if you can do this with him, then you will not be hesitant to sacrifice me for your victory too. She says no, don’t say this, your Pita ji has promised my Pita that you will become his heir, since then I dreamt one thing that you will become Kaushal Naresh. He says enough, the crown which should have been on Ram’s head, on whoever’s head the crown was imagined to be kept, its right to cut that head. He gets a knife and she shouts Bharat.

She stops Bharat asking him to leave the knife for Ram’s sake. Bharat calms down hearing Ram’s name and sits crying. He asks what happened Maharani Kaikeyi, I got little hurt and you took Ram’s name, the same Ram you was very dear to you, more than me, you have hurt him so much, why did you do this. Kaikeyi, Mantra and Bharat cry. Bharat shouts why….. and do you wanted to make me Ayodhya’s king, whose heart is filled with Ram’s name, no one will be more unfortunate than me, my father died and Ram had to leave for vanvaas because of me, if I wish, I could not give up my life right away, but what to do, you snatched this chance from me, you did such sin, for which I have to repent now. He says Put kaput sunne hai par na mata suni kumata/ son can be good or bad, but mother can never be bad, but he has seen the bad mother today. He says today I will end my relation with you, my repentance will start with my decision. Kaikeyi cries. He leaves from her Kaksh. Kaikeyi sits crying and says Kumata/bad evil mother….

Bharat comes crying. Guru Vashisht, Sumitra, Mandvi and Shatrughan see him. Kaushalya asks him what happened. He says it all happened because of me. She says its not because of you. Bharat says no, if I was not born, then Ram, Sita and Laxman would have not gone to van, Pita ji would have not left his soul in this sorrow, why did Lord not make my selfish mother childless, then for whom would she ask for vardaan, my mother made me a culprit in everyone’s sight by showing greed to make me a king, she did not ask for vardaan, she asked for a Shraap/curse. He cries.

Precap :
Rishi tells Ram that whoever’s last rites will be done in this time, he will be going heaven. Dasharath’s last rites are done, and Shatrughan pledges to not leave the person responsible for Dasharath’s death.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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