sita takes ashirvad after marriage 2 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 94]

2 March Episode starts with

Mantra recalling Sita. She says I can’t let Ram and Sita get more importance than Bharat and Mandvi, I won’t let them go ahead of my Bharat and Mandvi, my work will start tomorrow on the battle ground. Sita reads Ram’s letter to Kaikeyi. Ram writes that Sita is Kaikeyi’s reflection and possesses all the good qualities. Sita is good at heart, knowledgeable, holds good values, and compassionate, he is lucky to be found suitable to become Sita’s husband. Sita reads this and smiles happily. She stands in the balcony and sees Ram, who stands in his Kaksh’s balcony, exactly opposite to her balcony. Ram and Sita see each other and smile. Music plays..

Mandodari does Raavan’s tilak and worries. Raavan smiles and says you have applied tilak to me, now my victory is certain. Malyavaan looks on. Raavan takes some weapon/sword and says now Raavan will go to conquer the world. He laughs. The man comes and says Raavan’s brother Kuber has sent some messengers. Raavan asks him to send them here. The men come and present the letter from Kuber to Raavan

Malyavaan reads Kuber’s letter. Kuber writes: Raavan is my brother and I have love and respect for you, our dad has given us teaching that knowledge is ultimate thing, we should always earn knowledge, forget the idea of winning the world, don’t know how many innocent lives will go, I request you. Raavan says its right, I want to give this answer to Kuber, will you all give my message. The messenger says sure, as you say. Raavan cuts their necks. Mandodari cries in shock. Raavan says this is the beginning, this is my answer, who stops me will result in this state.

Guru Vashisht tells all couples, that all rituals of marriage got completed. All the couples smile. Guru tells about Kankan knot which relate to problems and if they open that knot, it would signify that they are ready to open the path to face all the problems. He says husband and wife will open knots from each other’s thread, and it would mean they would be always present to share and solve each other’s problems and sorrow. The husbands first start the ritual and open the knot. Ram promises Sita in heart that he will never leave her alone in problems.

Sumitra smiles and tells Sita that Ram has made her life problems away. They all smile. Now the wives open the knots from their husband’s hand thread. Sita promises in heart that she will always share Ram’s sorrow and if she can’t solve the problem, she will share that burden. Guru Vashisht says after 15 days, Gharvadaan Sanskaar will be started, its regarded very important, till then bride and groom will stay as friends, and know each other, this will became a mean of making their relation sweet and strong, till then they will stay only as friends. Ram and Sita see each other and smile. All couples and the queens smile too.

Mantra recalls the fortune teller’s words and her bad dreams. She puts extra oil in the diya and her hand gets hurt. Sugni comes and Mantra blames her. Sugni says I did not do anything, oil was fallen already. Mantra says I have to find Sita’s weakness, when Sita does any mistake, I will show Mandvi’s importance. She asks Sugni to do as she says. She asks Sugni to keep an eye on Sita, what she says, tell me exactly. Sugni says but why to keep an eye, when we hear by ears. Mantra says fool, just tell me what Sita does, if Kaushalya knows everything, what will happen, go now, do as I said. Sugni falls by oil and leaves. Mantra says Sita will have some weakness. Sugni goes and is scared of ghosts. She says I m new here, I don’t know way to my room, how will I know Sita’s room.She sees some shadow and runs. She sees guard the other side and runs towards a Kaksh. She goes inside and sees another door. The guards stop her and tell her that no one has permission to enter this Kaksh, Maharaj will punish you, come with us. She says I m sorry, leave me.

Dasharath talks to Kaushalya and tells how much happiness she gave him. A Daasi tells him about guards getting a Daasi who was trying to enter that Kaksh. Dasharath asks her to get that Daasi here. The guards bring Sugni and say this Daasi was going in that Kaksh where entry is not permitted. Sugni apologizes and says I m new here, I did not know about it. Kaushalya says yes, she is saying true, forgive her. Dasharath says I m forgiving this time thinking she did mistake, but if she does same thing again, I will punish her regarding her culprit. Sugni nods. Dasharath asks her to go. He tells Kaushalya that so many years passed and that things don’t fade away.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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