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Siya Ke Ram – 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 101]

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9 March Episode starts with

Ram telling Sita that he has mixed feelings. He feels that Dasharath has made him next king not by Vivek, Dharm and Pratha/traditions, but by his inner desires and fears. Sita recalls Dasharath’s words. Sita says I can understand your mental state right now, my father used to say when person is confused, then he should follow way of Dharm, its your Dharm to obey Dasharath. Ram says you said true, but if my obedience does injustice with others… Sita says this is your biggest quality, that you care for everyone, I was impressed by this virtue of yours, this is the reason of family and Rajya’s good. Ram says that’s why I was thinking, if Bharat and Shatrughan were present, this decision would have been good for me. Sita says we can talk to Kaikeyi and get her opinion. He agrees. Guru Vashisht comes there and says Ram…

Mantra says Dasharath and Ram’s bad fate will awaken, and curses Ram. She says see what game I play and how. Ram and Sita greet Guru Vashisht. Guru Vashisht blesses them. He says we have less time to finish the rituals of Rajtilak, we have to complete it in one night, that’s why I want you both to wear these clothes fast and come along with me. He says this time is not to think right and wrong, whats happening is according to fate. Sumanta asks servant to give them clothes.

Mantra goes to Kaikeyi’s Kaksh and sees her sleeping peacefully. She makes vases fall angrily and Kaikeyi wakes up asking what are you doing Mantra. Mantra says you did not listen to me, your dreams broke, all your sacrifice and hardwork got waste, you are the most unlucky one, you are sleeping here, what will you do now. Kaikeyi asks her what happened. Mantra says its planning against you and Bharat. Kaikeyi asks her to say clearly. Mantra says hear your bad fate, Dasharath did not tell you and decided to declare Ram as his heir. Kaikeyi gets shocked and asks is this true. Mantra says if its false, then cut my tongue. Kaikeyi gets angry and goes. Mantra says now I will see, how will Dasharath succeed in his plans.

Indra runs to save his life from Raavan. Raavan follows him. Indra hides. Raavan calls him coward and asks where are you. He catches Indra and says you don’t have right to sit on Swarg throne, you have time, accept your defeat, I will not harm you. He starts laughing. Indra gets tensed and thinks till Raavan has this weapon, its better to run from here. Raavan asks what are you thinking Indra. Indra runs again. Raavan angrily follows him. Indra hides and says its impossible to win over Raavan, if Raavan wins battle, he will become Swarg’s Swami, but till when will I run like this, what to do to save my life. He sees some peacocks flying. Raavan shouts Indra. Indra turns into a peacock and flies, getting mixed in that flock. Raavan gets angry and says now I will never forgive you.

Raavan says I can’t become Swami of Swarg till I kill Indra, where are you Indra, I want him. The hawk Shuk comes and greets Raavan. Shuk says I have found Indra everywhere, but I did not get him. Raavan asks where did Indra hide by becoming a peacock, find him. Indra smiles getting down in some jungle and thanks all the peacocks. He says I m very happy with you all, you all saved me and Swarg, and blesses them that they will be called most pure birds on the earth from today. He disappears.

Pandits do the puja. Ram, Laxman, Guru Vashisht, Sita sit there. Guru Vashisht does the rituals with Ram and Sita. He says now, Raj tilak Sanskaar will begin. Kaikeyi angrily walks to Dasharath. Guru Vashisht says resolutions are important in this Sanskaar, after this Raj crown can be worn. Sita asks the significance of promises. Guru Vashisht says Sankalp/resolution is such thing which person makes in heart and abides them, you both will take care of Ayodhya, it will be sign that you both will serve Ayodhya by all means always, and then finally, in family and Praja’s presence, you both will take Sankalp to sit on Raj singhasan. Laxman asks when will this start. Guru Vashisht says we have to go on lake and after taking bath there, the Pariknama will begin.

Kaushalya asks Dasharath why did he not tell them this good news. Sumitra says how will they do all arrangements in one night. Kaikeyi comes there. Sumitra says its big day for our family and Kul, will this look good to end this in hurry. He says Kaushalya, I was about to tell you. He sees Kaikeyi at the door and stops saying. Kaikeyi enters the Kaksh and recalls argument with Dasharath.


** Jai Shree Ram **

sita and ram got clothes for puja before raj abhishek
sita and ram takes clothes for puja before raj abhishek
sita ram goes for puja before raj abhishek
ravan finding indra to kill him skr
indra hiding from ravan

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