Siya Ke Ram – 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 100]

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8 March Episode starts with

Sumanta stopping Kaushalya from going to Sabhagrah. Sita and Ram go in the Sabha. Dasharath waits for Ram and Sita. He says Gurudev, I was satisfied with my decision and got everyone’s approval, then why is heart filling with doubts. Guru Vashisht says it happens as per fate, no use of confusion, if you have taken decision, then try to fulfill it. Dasharath turns and gets glad seeing Ram and Sita coming.

Everyone smile and get up to pay respect to Ram. Ram and Sita take Guru Vashisht’s blessings. they greet Dasharath. Dasharath says my heart was restless, its imp day for this Raghuvansh today, Maharaj Raghu took had this day when he gave away his throne to his son. He tells how the ancestors gave throne to their sons, and now this day has come in his life too. He declares that Ram is the heir of Ayodhya dynasty. Ram asks heir? Dasharath says yes, tomorrow is the mahurat, your Raj tilak will happen. Ram says every decision is yours is right, but so soon and unexpected…

Dasharath says yes, because time has come son. Ram asks time? Dasharath says yes son, this is your fate, and none can postpone it. Ram asks about family consent, Bharat and Shatrughan are not here, and mothers are not aware of this, is this right? Everyone should be present there. Dasharath says its king’s/father’s decision, you are my eldest son, my decision is right according to traditions, I have taken approval of important people here, none will have objection with my decision. He asks Ram to accept his father’s request and cries. Ram wipes his tears and holds his hands. He says I have always obeyed your commands, if this has your happiness, then I accept this too. Dasharath hugs him.

Sumitra asks Kaushalya why did they keep hidden Rajya sabha, maybe its for Rajya’s work. Kaushalya says I don’t think so. Laxman says I feel its not any Praja related or any family matter, its some war problem, some enemies are heading towards Ayodhya, if Pita ji sends Ram alone, I was always with Ram, I will be with Ram this time too. Kaushalya stops Laxman and says if this was the matter, Dasharath would have not called Sita. Sumitra thinks is Maharaj taking decision related to promise given to Kaikeyi’s father Ashwapati. She recalls and thinks Maharaj’s decision can break family and Rajya.

Dasharath tells Sita that when a daughter becomes a wife, she manages a family, but when she becomes queen, complete Rajya becomes her family and her duties increase, you will become queen of Ayodhya, you will have to play very important role, you have to become Ram’s strength. She nods and greets him. He smiles. Ram and Sita leave.

Indra is doing yagya and asks Raj Guru to support the king in it. The puja is done. Wind blows. They see Raavan’s air chariot. Indra says Raavan, he has surely come to fight with me, he has much powers, its impossible to fight with him. The king says don’t worry, you are my guest here, your problem is mine, I will protect you from Raavan. The king stops Raavan. Raavan tells Raja Maruth that he is not his enemy, he has come here for Indra, kindly move off from his way. Maruth says Indra Dev is my guest, and its my duty to protect him. Raavan laughs and says I have given warning, if you want to fight, its fine. Maruth says fine and gets some magical weapon. He gives last warning to Raavan to return. Raavan beats him down. Indra gets worried. Raj guru stops Raavan from killing Maruth. He says you can take Dev raj Indra with you, we have no problem, but leave our king Maruth, forgive him. Raavan leaves Maruth and stares at Indra. Indra smiles and disappears from there. Raavan fumes.

Kaushalya, Sumitra and Laxman ask Ram why did Dasharath call them. Ram says Dasharath decided about my Rajya Abhishek. They all get glad and call it a very good news. Kaushalya says our son Ram will become king, but when. Ram says tomorrow is the mahurat. Kaushalya and Sumitra smile. Kaushalya blesses Ram and says I can’t express my happiness. Mantra hears Laxman saying Ram will sit on Ayodhya’s throne, it will be such unique moment. Sumitra says I feel all my wishes turned true, Ram Rajya will begin in Ayodhya. Mantra thinks this is cheat with Kaikeyi, this is plotting against Bharat, this can’t happen. She gets angry.

Raavan says I know Indra got invisible by his mantra powers, this can hide you from anyone, but not from Raavan. He closes eyes and chants mantras. He sees Indra hiding behind some people and gets his location. He shouts Indra, your death will happen definitely and laughs aloud. Indra worries. Mantra laughs loud and says Kaikeyi and Bharat do not know this. She gets angry and says its plotting against Bharat and Kaikeyi by Dasharath , Kaushalya cheated Kaikeyi and Ram cheated Bharat, who will pay for this….


** Jai Shree Ram **


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ram smiligs pics in raj bhawan of ayodhya
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ram pics in siya ke ramsita ram and sumanth on way to rajsabha
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