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Siya Ke Ram – 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 122]

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30 March Episode starts with

Kaikeyi crying and running to see Dasharath. She comes to his Kaksh. Kaikeyi says Maharaj, I have come, your beloved queen has come, look at me, for a second I believed that bad news, but I know you can’t go anywhere leaving me, you are angry with me, that’s why you are doing this. She cries and sits near his feet. She says I have come, you have hurt my heart a lot, open your eyes and see my tears. She holds his feet. Everyone cry. Kaikeyi asks Raj Vaidya to check Dasharath. Sumitra scolds her angrily. She says no need of this acting, you are hurting Dasharath’s soul more by doing this, go from here, I request you. Kaushalya says Sumitra, calm down, what had to happen has happened…. There is no use now, Maharaj will not come back. Sumitra says sorry Didi, I can’t stop myself now.

She asks Kaikeyi does she not get shame to act, our suhaag died because of you, Maharaj died and Ayodhya’s rajmahal became a ruined place. Kaikeyi asks was he just your suhaag, not mine. Sumitra says no, Maharaj was ended relations with you and removed you from his wife’s rights, you insulted him, his wishes and his love when he was alive, atleast respect his wishes after his death, his soul would be getting hurt by your presence, go from here. She pushes Kaikeyi and cries. Kaikeyi cries and leaves. Sumitra apologizes to Dasharath and says I did not behave such way in my life to hurt anyone, but I had to do this to respect your wish, forgive me. They all cry.

Ram stands in the river and does the final rites of the deer. Everyone pray. Ram says some mantras and drops the water from his hands into the river. They pray for the soul peace. Rishis stand around Dasharath. Sumanta asks Guru Vashisht to allow so that they do the final rites of Dasharath. Guru Vashisht says a son has to do the final rites of the father, the problem is none of Dasharath’s four sons is present here, how can we start this ritual. Sumanta says yes, Bharat and Shatrughan will not reach here till 2 days, till then.. Guru Vashisht says till then we have to keep his dead body safe so that we do all rituals of final rites. Sumanta asks the solution of preserving the body. Guru Vashisht says there is solution, we have to dip his body in herbal oil, his body will be preserved. Sumanta says fine, I will tell Raj Vaidya and do arrangements. Sumitra, Kaushalya, Sita’s sisters cry sitting around Dasharath.

The men pour oil in a big space, in which Dasharath’s body is kept. His body is preserved. Guru Vashisht and Sumantra look on. Ram sits sad. Sita comes to him and sees him upset. Ram says don’t know Sita, I feel sorrow like of any loved one’s death. She says even I feel the same, its not natural, is this related to that deer’s death. Ram says its possible, but why do I feel that deer’s death is signing about any loved one. She says we have left our family, Praja and everything behind, we have kept emotions in heart, we did not know how to control that sorrow, but that deer’s death has made us realize our sorrow, but you said we have to spend life as a yogi in van, we will stay in our present for 14 years, and not our past. They smile. Ram holds her and says you said right, we have to be in our present and fulfill all our duties, because our yatra/journey got its first way.

Bharat and Shatrughan land in Ayodhya and wonder what happened in Ayodhya, why is sorrow everywhere like some death happened. They see the Praja upset and stop to ask them. They greet an old man and he leaves seeing them… All the people leave seeing them. Shatrughan says its first time that Praja turned face away seeing us, what can be the reason. Bharat says whats the reason of their anger, my heart is getting restless. Shatrughan says we have to reach Raj bhavan soon. They leave in the cart.

Bharat and Shatrughan reach Raj bhavan and meet Sumanta. Bharat asks Sumanta what happened, Praja looks at them as if we are their enemy, like they hate us, there is sorrowful silence, tell us the reason. Shatrughan asks Sumanta what happened. Sumanta asks them to come with him. Mantra smiles and says my Bharat has come, I have to give this news to Kaikeyi soon. She goes.

Sumanta brings Bharat and Shatrughan to the Kaksh, where they see everyone in deep grief. Kaushalya and Sumitra are dressed in widow clothes. Guru Vashisht cries. Bharat and Shatrughan get shocked seeing the mothers in white clothes…. They see the huge assemble and run to see Dasharath. They cry asking Dasharath to open his eyes. Bharat says I was not with you in your final time, why did we go to Kaikeya, what happened here….. I can’t forgive myself. Shatrughan and Bharat cry.
Precap :
Kaikeyi says Bharat my son…. Bharat gets angry and says I will tyaag this Mata. The crown you wanted to snatch from Ram’s head to place on someone else’s head, its better to cut off that person’s head. He takes a knife to hit himself and Kaikeyi stops him.

** Jai Shree Ram **

urmila sukriti and mandvi at dasrath funeral
shatrugan shocked to see dasrath dead body
bharat shocked to see dasrath dead body
ram holds sita arm lovely
ram talks with sita
sita looking and talking to ram
ram doing last rite of the deer
ram doing puja for the last rite of the deer
kaushalya cries a lot
sumitra crying seeing dasrath death

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