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Siya Ke Ram – 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 121]

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29 March Episode starts with

Sita asking whats this sweet sound. Ram says this is the place where two rivers meet. She asks is this the sound of their union. Ram says its union of their love, Yamuna joins Ganga here, love united two souls for many births, same way like you sacrificed your happiness and decided to come to van with me, you accepted my happiness and sorrow, your love and sacrifice has tied my love in a sweet musical sound too. They smile.

Few Rishis come there. A rishi calls out Ram….. ram says sorry, but I did not identify you. Rishi says I m Rishi Bharadwaj, I got to know about you. Ram greets him from his, Sita and Laxman’s side. Rishi blesses him and asks him to take rest in his ashram. Ram says its our good luck, and they go with that Rishi. Dasharath goes to Kaushalya and says everything is over, our Ram has left us. He falls in Sumitra’s lap and talks to Kaushalya that Ram has gone to van, Sita has also become vanvaasi, Kaikeyi did very bad, she made my Ram away from me, I begged to her, she did not agree, forgive me Kaushalya, its all because of me. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry.

Ram, Sita and Laxman come to the ashram. They stop seeing an ill deer. Ram and Sita sit to see the ill deer. Sita asks what happened to it. Rishi says we found it in ill state, he got away from his family, I think its sorrow, we did our best to save it, I think it won’t be alive. Sita cries and says I can’t see its sorrow, we have to do something to save its life. Kaushalya asks Dasharath not to cry, as its not his mistake. He says its my mistake, I promised Kaikeyi’s father before marrying Kaikeyi that Kaikeyi’s son will become Ayodhya’s king, I did not equal you both to Kaikeyi being most affectionate towards Kaikeyi. Kaushalya asks why are you saying this. He says look there, they will take me. He cries.

Sita says you can see sorrow on its face Raghunandan. Ram says the sorrow is deep, its clear that its life lies in loved ones, its life should have been saved, if it got a chance to meet the family again. Ram feels the deer’s pain. Kaushalya says there is no one there. Dasharath recalls Shravan’s father’s curse and cries. Dasharath says I was afraid that maybe Shravan’s parents’ curse won’t affect me, but it affected me today, I now value son’s love, there is nothing left in my life now, look there, they have come to take me. Sumitra and Kaushalya cry. Sumitra says you have to be fine, we will wait for Ram’s return. Kaushalya says yes, we will bear the sorrow tomorrow. Dasharath takes Ram’s name. Ram walks in… Dasharath hallucinates and sees Ram. Ram sits and holds Dasharath.

He cries and Dasharath gets smile seeing his son. Ram holds Dasharath’s hand and keeps on his heart. Ram closes his eyes and cries. Dasharath’s hand falls. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. Sita and Ram cry seeing the deer dead. Kaushalya and Sumitra shake Dasharath and shout for help. Sita’s sisters come. Kaushalya asks them to call Raj Vaidya soon. She asks Dasharath to open eyes. Raj Vaidya, Sumanta and Guru Vashisht come there. Raj Vaidya checks Dasharath and signs no. Guru Vashisht cries. They all get shocked and cry for Dasharath’s death. Lord idol is shown and then Ram is seen crying in the ashram.

Everyone cry for Dasharath. Sita says deer would have felt alone even when everyone was here, because it wanted to see someone else, we could not help. Ram says birth happens, relations join and then those whom we love, we don’t want to get away from them, we forget that birth’s fate is just death, and after death there is no possibility of reunion, even after knowing this, none has any solution to get saved of this, be it humans or animals, we can just keep patience thinking that the person/animal has left the worldly problems and got peace. Ram stays composed, yet experiencing such strong emotions of sorrow.

Rishi says if any living being dies here in this ashram, we do its final rites by all rituals, and asks the ashram man to do the final rites of the deer. Mataon ki mamta chooti….. kabhi roke na samay ki dhaara…… Sita looks at Ram. Ram controls his emotions and says Rishi, deer has left his soul in my lap, if you allow, I will wish to do its final rites myself. Rishi says sure. Ram looks on.

Shruthkirti cries and runs to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi asks what happened. Shruthkirti says Pita ji could bear the sorrow. Kaikeyi says I know, he is crying in son’s love, he will be fine, when Bharat becomes king, he will understand his decision is right. Shruthkirti says no Mata, Pita ji has left his soul….. Kaikeyi and Mantra get shocked. Kaikeyi recalls Dasharath’s words that just she will be reason of his death. Kaikeyi cries and says Maharaj…..


Precap :
Sumitra scolds Kaikeyi and asks her not to cry for Dasharath, don’t act now, Maharaj died because of you, are you not ashamed. Ram and Sita talk that they feel like losing a loved one, and feel restless.

** Jai Shree Ram ** 

ram and sita feeling sad
ram feeling sad for the death of a deer

dasrath died

ram closes eyes of dasrath
ram with dasrath at his bad times
dasrath about to die
ram emotional
deer died
ram thinking pics
sita ram and laxman crosses ganga
rishi welcome ram in his camp

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