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Siya Ke Ram – 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 119]

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27 March Episode starts with

 Sita says everyone is sleeping, we shall proceed for van by leaving them here, this will be right for everyone’s future. Ram says yes, we don’t have any other option. Laxman says yes, even I find this right, we shall leave. Ram says Praja has proved that not just Raghukul members, but Praja also knows to sacrifice, but its time that we head on our paths, as this is for ours and entire Ayodhya’s betterment. Kaise hai ise…..plays….. Ram says but I m not going alone, but I m taking your love and trust in my heart, and I will always be indebted to this love, trust and sacrifice. They greet the Praja…. And proceed

Its morning, Sumanta calls out Ram and asks where did they do. Praja wakes up. The old man asks where did Ram, Sita and Laxman go. Sumanta says it seems Ram has gone to van, anyone go there and see. The old man says maybe Ram went for bath and sends a man to see. He cries and asks how will we leave without Ram…. Ram tells Laxman that we came very far in van, they will not come after us. Laxman says we have to cross Ganga ghat and then relax. Ram says its not that far, we will reach there soon, come.

The man says we looked for him everywhere, we did not get him. the lady says it seems he has left all of us. Rishi Jabali asks what would Ram do then if he did not leave, would he take you all along, he took vanvaas to obey Dharm, not for his heart joy. The old man asks did we do crime to love him. The old lady says Ram ji has left us, its our bad luck. The man says we wish to give up our live. Rishi Jabali asks will you get Ram back then, he did not go to van forever, he will be back after 14 years, whose king will he become, for whom will he come, we should save ourselves for Ram, when he returns and finds us apply, he can get happiness. This is Praja’s duty towards their Rajya.

Ram asks Sita are you fine. She says yes. He says we are walking since night, did you not get tired, you would have not walked so much before. She says I did not get tired as you are with me. Ram says Sita you are my strength, I m lucky to have you as my wife, my life got blessed getting you. They smile. Laxman tells them that Ganga bay is near, we will reach there soon. They reach Ganga river bay. Laxman says we reached here. Ram says we have to do arrangements to cross the river. Laxman says yes. They look around and see a boat… Sita says there is no one here. Laxman says I will see. He calls out anyone there. A man comes and says they look Ram and Laxman, and Janak Nandini Sita. He runs saying Prabha and falls in Ram’s feet. The man says I m blessed that Ram has come here. Ram smiles and holds him. The man says its great to see you, your sight makes one rid of all problems, I welcome you on Ganga ghat on behalf of everyone.

He tells Sita that the land has become pure again by her arrival. He says our village is close, come, I will arrange your stay and food. Ram says I m glad seeing your love, but we are vanvaasi now, its our Dharm, we can’t enter any village and can’t accept any food provided and consumed by families, we have to have food as per vanvaas rules. The man says I understood, you don’t want to come to our house, as we are poor fisherman, you are Ayodhya’s prince, we are fishermen, why will you come to our house, I heard Ram does not differentiate between rich and poor, but its truth that no one is there in world who accepts us. He cries. Ram holds him and says friend Kewal….. Ram hugs Kewal…… The man gets glad. Ram says I did not say we won’t have food, I just said we can’t accept food which families/settled villagers consume, we can have food of vanvaasi. The man says fine, I will arrange that, you take rest till then.

Surpanakha cries in her Kaksh. Raavan and Mandodari come there. Raavan calls her out. Some daasi keep the food plates and leave. He asks did she not forgive him till now, how long will she keep crying like this…. He asks her to have food. Surpanakha says I should apologize, I did big mistake, I trusted the enemy Vidyuthjeeva more than you, he tried to kill my brother, he cheated me by acting of love so that he can take revenge from you, I made all Asurs ashamed. She cries. Raavan says he got punished for his crime, don’t hurt yourself thinking that. He wipes her tears. She cries and hugs him. Mandodari looks on teary eyed.

Raavan tells her that its was my mistake, you could not tell me whats in your heart, if I gave you freedom, you would have asked me before marrying Vidyuthjeeva, this would have not happened, but now I will rectify your mistake, its my duty to make your life joyful, I give you full freedom, I promise you, whoever you love in three loks, married or unmarried, I will make him your servant, whoever you love, I will get him for him, I will give three loks for your happiness, I m sure when your fate will take you infront of that lucky man… Mandodari gets shocked.

Ram says this food is enough. The man says I will get more of it, this is not enough. He goes. Sita smiles seeing Ram. Ram asks what happened. Sita says I did not know whom I love, the world loves him so much, their devotion and love for you is much, I m glad. Laxman hears them and smiles. Ram says seeing their love and belief, even I m shocked, this makes me go ahead to do my duty, my foremost duty gets high because of their love. They smile.


Precap :
Sita asks the man to drop them across Ganga. The man says sure, but…. Laxman angrily asks what but…. Do you want us to push the boat by means of our power…….. The man says I can’t make Prabhu Ram sit in my boat. They get shocked.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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