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Siya Ke Ram – 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 117]

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25 March Episode starts with

 Ram, Sita and Laxman going ahead. Mahadev says Ram is great, he is leaving his family, Praja, all comforts, luxuries and everything for Dharm protection and Kalyaan, he is proceeding to van, he is the best in all the men, Purshottam Ram… brahmadev says Ram has accepted this vanvaas for Devta’s obedience, salute to you, you will be talked about and preached by Devtas and Praja for many generations. Ram ram…..plays… Praja cries. Ram, Sita and Laxman greet them. Raghupati Praja…..plays….. they walk ahead and Praja moves apart. Praja requests Ram not to leave Ayodhya and them. They all sit infront of Ram. Ram holds them and requests all of them to stand up. A little boy asks Ram not to leave them. Ram asks them not to worry, nothing will happen to them in Dasharath and Bharat’s presence. He smiles and asks them to allow them to leave.

Rishi Jabali comes there and asks permission for what Ram. Ram greets them. Rishi asks are you asking permission for doing duty and fulfilling promises, no this is injustice on the name of customs, you are asking permission to cover this mistake, promise is to do good for Praja, not to serve someone’s greed, your departure will just fulfill Kaikeyi’s greed, not do anything good for Praja, don’t you realize this Ram, you are making Kaikeyi’s plotting succeed, she has done this plotting. Ram, the woman who becomes stain on this vansh is not a mother. She is just thinking of her own happiness and greed, understand her plan Ram, you are Maharaj Dasharath’s life, everyone knows this, even after knowing this, if a woman tries to take her husband’s life, there is no need to fulfill any promise given to her.

Ram apologizes to him and says I can’t hear my Mata’s humiliation, I did not differentiate between my three Matas, its important for me to fulfill Kaikeyi’s wish. Rishi says everyone is born alone and dies alone, then why to have love for any relation, everyone is a traveler here, everyone has their own way, why to accept such difficult life for someone else, is this right, why should you get punished. Ram says this is my duty, to be able to fulfill is a thing of good luck for me. Rishi Jabali says I don’t want to hear this from you Ram, don’t lose your sense being emotional, be practical, there is no lok except this one, truth is just this world, whatever is appearing here is true, understand your rights here, what did anyone get by sacrificing happiness on the name of Dharm, after getting death by bearing difficulties, what is the benefit then?

He says Ram, I know you are not helpless, why are you accepting this torture… Ram says Rishivar, I know whatever you are saying, your intentions is my betterment, but I learnt just one thing, the man who sacrifices Dharm and Ved path, goes on sins’ path, if I follow your path, I will become selfish, where there is king, there is Praja, then the Praja will become selfish, I won’t wish this for Ayodhya, this land is of good deeds, Dharm, Sadachaar/virtues and it will be like this will the end, I will be always answerable for this, as I have promised to fulfill my dad’s promises, desire, love and no knowledge, I can’t ruin my dad’s prestige, many men have done duty by wearing vankan/van clothes, they have got happiness too, I also hope for this, even if this is not possible for me, if I turn my face away being afraid, then it will be bad for my living, I m not refusing anything, I m accepting the truth infront of me. The man who walks on the path of truth is not helpless.

Rishi Jabali says I m not agreeing to you, but hearing you, I feel every word is true, and my every word is lie. He smiles and says Ram….. you can’t change me ever, and I can’t change you, but I will always respect you, your behavior is the best for humanity, if world adapts a part of it, then this land will be blessed, you have give such beautiful meaning to the difficulties of life, salute to you. Ram greets everyone. He asks Praja to permit them to leave now.

Raavan asks Indra to fight with magical powers. Indra says this is Indrapuri, not Lanka. Raavan asks will you fight with ten Raavan or numerous. So many Raavans laugh surrounding Indra. Indra gets a weapon and says Lankesh, I did not wish to fight with you, but now I will not leave you alive. All the Raavans disappear, except the real one. Malyavaan looks on. Raavan says the decision shall be made today. He reminds Brahmadev’s vardaan that no Dev can kill him, you are just wasting time. Indra says my Vajra/weapon will kill you, not me. Raavan freezes him by some light. Raavan says now I have taken all your powers in my control, you can’t do anything now. He is about to kill Indra… and stops…. By Brahmadev’s call. Brahmadev appears there…. Raavan looks at him.

Raavan greets Brahmadev… Brahmadev asks Raavan whats the use to kill Indra, who already lost, you have won the world and Indralok, give this good news to your mother Kaikesi, she will be very happy. Raavan and Malyavaan smile.
Praja tells Ram that if Ram made the decision to go to van, they all will come along, and not let Ram go alone. Ram says your love is priceless, I m not going alone, I will have this love and sweet memories. Praja still insists that they will come along.
Precap :
Bharat tells Ashwapati that he feels restless. Ashwapati says if anything happened there then Kaikeyi would have sent the message. The messenger brings message from Ayodhya and says Bharat and Shatrughan are called there asap. Bharat worries and asks what happened there…


** Jai Shree Ram ** 

ram vanvasi surrounded by praja
laxman vanvasi surrounded by praja
ram vanvasi in front of praja
praja stops ram going to vanvas
ravan harms and defeat indra dev
indra to fight with lankapati ravan
ravan multiplies himself infront of indra
jabali joins hand to shree ram
jabali stops ram to go vanvas
laxman seeing praja love
ram seeing praja love
jabali looks terrible siyakeram
ram is of the praja
laxman ram sita joins hand to praja
laxman ram sita joins hand

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