sita cries seeing ram going to vanvas 23 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 115]

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23 March Episode starts with

Sita asking permission to leave for van. Ram goes to her. He says Sita, I m always with you in your Stree Dharm. Everyone get teary eyed. Ram says I will take you along and permit you for van daman with me. Sita happily smiles. They both look at each other with tearful eyes and smile on their face. Praja talks about the big injustice happened with him. The man says Bharat will be declared king instead Ram, Maharani Kaikeyi has plotted this, she has asked two wishes from Dasharath, firstly vanvaas for our Ram, and secondly throne for her son. The old man says Adharm, how can Kaikeyi do this with our Ram, we will not let Kaikeyi do this. They all get together to oppose Kaikeyi.

Ram and Sita walk together smiling, and come to Kaikeyi’s Kaksh. Ram says Maa, according to your command, we are ready to leave for vanvaas, we came to seek your blessings. Kaikeyi says Sita, I gave vanvaas to Ram, you don’t need to go with him. Sita says when I met you for the first time, you said you love Ram the most among all your sons, you also asked me to support him always, I m doing that, I m going to get him back in same avatar, I m going with your beloved son. Ram walks ahead and says Maa, you are sending me to van, don’t feel any guilt in your heart, the truth is you have saved me from a big Dharm sankat by sending me to van.

We all four brothers grew together and got educated together, we stepped into marital life together, my Dharm Sankat/religious crisis was that how will I sit alone on Ayodhya’s throne, you freed me of this problem. I m very happy with your decision, Bharat is deserving and suitable of the throne. I will just regret that I will not be present in his Raj tilak, but when he sits on the throne, I will regard your happiness to be mine, I request you don’t stay annoyed with Dasharath, I m sorry for the delay of fulfillment of your wishes, I m happy that you made me know those wishes, else Raghukul custom would have broken, an important pillar would have fell. Mantra looks on. Praan jaye par wachan na jaye………… plays………… Sita smiles and goes ahead. Ram and Sita touch Kaikeyi’s feet. Kaikeyi blesses them. Ram asks Kaikeyi to permit him to leave. Ram and Sita leave from her Kaksh. Kaikeyi gets teary eyed.

Laxman comes in vanvaasi attire. Urmila walks with him. Sita gets shocked seeing Laxman, and looks at Ram. Sita asks Laxman whats this…. Urmila nods to Laxman and tells Sita that you know Laxman’s life motive and foremost duty is to serve Ram, so he has worn van clothes, he is going with you both to van. Sita says this is not right Urmila. She asks Ram to explain Laxman. Laxman says I have taken permission from Ram, none can stop me now. Sita says but Urmila, you did not stop him. Urmila says it’s a woman’s duty to support her husband in his Dharm, how can I become hurdle in it. She cries sharing her pain with Sita. Sita says but Urmila, how will you be alone in this Bhavan for 14 years. Urmila says by hope, its matter of just 14 years, if Laxman goes with you, I will feel I m with you….. Sita gets emotional and says you are doing a big sacrifice, you are presenting a new definition of stree dharm for the world. She hugs Urmila.

Mantra starts filling Kaikeyi’s mind and says I regret to see your foolishness, you forgot the motive to send Ram to van. Kaikeyi asks her to say clearly. Mantra says you were sending Ram to van so that Praja forgets him, but now Sita is going with him, then in future, Ayodhya’s Praja will regard their child as righteous heir, they will regard Ram’s son as their king, do something, just you can secure Bharat’s future now. Kaikeyi looks on. Ram, Sita, Laxman and Urmila walk to Dasharath’s Kaksh. Kaushalya, Sumitra and Guru Vashisht look on. Dasharath is unwell. Sumitra is shocked seeing Laxman…. And looks at Kaushalya. Mandvi and Shruthkirti cry. Dasharath takes Ram’s name. Sad music plays in bg…..

Ram, Sita and Laxman walk ahead. Ram touches Dasharath’s feet. Dasharath opens eyes and sees Ram, Sita and Laxman in van clothes….. He gets shocked. They fold hands and greet him. Ram asks Dasharath for his permission.. Dasharath says my permission does not matter to you, you came to tell me your decision, Laxman you have worn such clothes too, who asked you to go to van. Laxman says my birth happened to serve Ram, how can I not support him in this 14 year long vanvaas. Dasharath asks what about your father, you should have stopped your brother, but you are going with Ram…. He says Sita, I thought I got a daughter from Mithila. But you did not regard me your father, else you would have understood how tough it is for the father to see his daughter in van dharan clothes. I felt you will stop Ram, but you are also leaving me. Sita cries. Ram looks at Dasharath with tears.


Precap :

Ram says we are lucky that you came to see us leaving. Kaikeyi says I came here to remind you some limitations of vanvaas, Sita is going with you Ram, you might very well know some limits and rules of van stay, if you don’t follow the rules of vanvaas, the 14 year vanvaas won’t be regarded completed. Ram looks on understanding Kaikeyi’s indirect meaning.


** Jai Shree Ram **

sita joins hand
ram take ashirvad from dasrath before going to vanvas
manthra tells kaikeyi about sita going to vanvas
sita urmila crying before leaving ayodhya to vanvas
sita and ram are going to van for staying 14 years
sita while leaving for vanvas
ram pics in vanvas dress siyakeram
ram sees sita with teared eyes vanvas
sita sees ram with teared eyes vanvas

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