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Siya Ke Ram – 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 114]

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22 March Episode starts with

Sita running after Ram. He turns and she stops. She walks to him and looks at him with hope that he will take her along to vanvaas. He holds her and wipes her tears. He says my wish is that you happily send me off. She says my wish is I happily leave with you. He says but Sita, forgive me, I can’t allow you for this, you have to accept this truth and situation. He leaves. Sira runs after him and calls out Swami…. She stops and cries. Mai kooni samojik……plays………… She recalls Janak’s words to give Agni Pariksha too in order to protect her self esteem.

Shatrughan goes to Bharat. Bharat says I m feeling restless. Shatrughan says even I feel the same. Bharat says I will talk to Mama and then leave for Ayodhya by taking his permission. Laxman tells Urmila that he has to tell her something, but does not have colurage. Urmila asks do you want to go to van with Ram. Laxman asks how do you know this, no one knows this. She says I knew this when Ram stopped you from going to Bharat, you can’t live without Ram, how can you let him go alone, when Ram decided to go to van, I was preparing myself for this, so that I don’t become hurdle in your Kartavya palan/duty.

Laxman smiles with teary eyes. She cries. He says it was my Dharm to give you selfless love, but I could not give you happiness, I will be your culprit all my life. She says no, when any ideal brother is talked about in the world, it will be your name. He hugs her. Ram does the aarti in the temple. Everyone look on. Ram asks Guru Vashisht for blessings to fulfill his duty of a son and also protect his Dharm. Guru Vashisht blesses him of success. Ram asks Kaushalya to bless him. Kaushalya blesses him. Sita comes there dressed in vanvasi attire. They all get shocked.

Sita walks ahead. Kaushalya looks at Sumitra. Guru Vashisht, Mandvi and Shruthkirti get teary eyes. Ram looks at Sita. Sita says its not possible that Sita gets scared of van difficulties and does not go to van, where husband resides, there is wife’s real happiness, I have taken my decision of van daman with you Raghu nandan. Kaushalya asks what are you saying, will our vadhu, this Raghukul pride will go to van, this did not happen in Raghukul’s customs before. Sita says Mata, forgive me, but a wife’s real duty is to support her husband. She says my husband has won the valkan/van clothes, that’s why I have also worn valkan and did my duty, about the promises, Maharaj Harishchandra has given up his Rajya and everything to fulfill his promise given in his dream, then his wife Tara has also supported him by sacrificing everything, this custom is going on since ages. Sumitra says you are right, but don’t you think Ram will be worried about you being there, if you go there, he will be more worried. Sita says if his worries increase if I go there, then will I not worry if I don’t go there, will my heart not be restless for him, we got married to spend life together, I can’t take decision of being vanvasi by being scared of van, I m familiar with difficulties in van and I m well prepared too…..

Sumanta says Sita is fulfilling her duty, its right, but Janak has dpne her bidaai to become Ayodhya’s kulvadhu, not a vanvasi, if he asks Dasharath about this, what will Dasharath answer. Sita says my father Janak will never ask this, but if he asks, then till him that it was Sita’s decision to go to van, he will understand that I m obeying the Dharm which he taught me, I m sure that he will respect my decision. Guru Vashisht says Sita, your words are according to Dharm, I believe that your decision is right by Shastra, none of Shastri and Dharm Mahatma will raise question on it, but I want to ask you, is your decision taken being emotional, or to fulfill promises made to your husband during marriage, or to fulfill your duty and love…. I m asking this question because sometimes in life, after some time, person regrets on the decision taken in past.

Sita says Rishivar, you are saying right, Dharm, ethics and decisions change on time, and reason has to be strong for any decision, but I did not take this decision being emotional, to keep promises made to husband during marriage rounds, or for love and duty, I have taken this decision as I m a woman…… She says this decision is a woman’s decision….. Ram and everyone look at her. She says this decision is to do duty of woman’s Dharm, this is a daughter’s decision, wife’s decision and of a kulvadhu’s decision…. Everything can change in this world, but in my birth, my womanhood can’t change, I m Janak nandini Sita, Ram’s wife and kul vadhu, I fold hands and request you all to permit me to fulfill my Stree Dharm, give me permission to go to van, if Sita does not fulfill her Stree Dharm today, Sita’s existence will end. Guru Vashisht and everyone get tearful eyes.


Precap :

Ram asks Kaikeyi to bless him, he is leaving for van. Mantra tells Kaikeyi that you asked Ram to go to van, but Sita is going along, if they get a child in future, Ayodhya’s Praja will regard that child a heir.


** Jai Shree Ram **

sita comes wearing vanvas dress
sita wants to go vanvas with ram
sita first look in vanvas dress
sita as vanvasi
ram take ashirvad from guru vashist
ram doing puja of vishnu in raj bhawan
vishnu bhagwan murti in ayodhya

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