ram sees everyone out there 19 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 111]

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19 March Episode starts with

Ram getting stunned when Laxman asks his promise to take him along in the 14 year long vanvaas. Ram smiles and holds him saying Laxman…… He hugs Laxman and the brothers smile. Dasharath wakes up saying Ram…. Sita holds him. Dasharath gets sad and asks for Ram. Sita says Ram has gone to talk to Laxman, he will come soon. Dasharath says no Sita, you don’t know him, he has taken decision to go van and told this to me himself. He holds Sita’s hand and says I told you some problem is going to happen, Kaikeyi ruined our peace and happiness….. Sita cries.

Ram and Laxman walk inside the bhavan. Urmila comes there. Ram says you informed me on right time and stopped an incident from happening. He goes. Urmila looks at Laxman and asks what happened, why this restlessness. Laxman says I took such decision, which can affect your life too, I did not ask you, but I want your support and trust to fulfill my decision.

Dasharath asks Sita to do anything and stop Ram, give him your swear, if Ram leaves, he will take my life along. Sita says don’t worry, I will talk to him, I m sure that whatever decision he takes will be right. He says no, Ram has gone, anyone stop him. Guru Vashisht looks on teary eyed. Dasharath asks him to command Ram and explain him. He requests him to call back Ram. He cries.

Manthra comes to Kaikeyi and dances saying my Kaikeyi will become Rajmata. She laughs. Kaikeyi asks why are you so happy, did Maharaj fulfill my promises. Mantra asks what will Dasharath fulfill promises, thanks to Ram’s morals who declared in Sabha that he will fulfill his dad’s two promises, Ram is taking vanvaas. Kaikeyi says I just want to see Bharat on Ayodhya’s throne, that’s it. Mantra says I m here, don’t worry, I will bring that day in your life for sure when Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, that day has come. She says but Kaikeyi, always remember one thing, Ram decided to leave for van, but Kaushalya and Sumitra will try best to stop Ram, you be adamant on your decision and promise. She laughs and leaves.

Ram comes to Kaushalya and Sumitra. He calls out Maa. Kaushalya turns away to hide her tears. He asks Kaushalya will she not see her son’s face today. Sumitra says Ram, you regarded three mothers equal, why this biasing today, you did not ask both of us and decided to go for vanvaas for obeying one mother, is this right, is this not wrong with both of us. He says my decision is to keep Raghukul’s tradition, this is my duty, I have regarded all three of you as one, whatever anyone of you said, I accepted it as you three’s blessings, I have come to take blessings so that I can leave for my van daman, by which I can go ahead to do my duty. Kaushalya hears him and cries. Ram tells her that if its not your wish, I will not go to van, but a son’s duty is to raise parents’ prestige and respect, how can your son turn his face from doing his duty, give me your consent to leave, as I can’t take a step ahead on the way of my duty without your approval.

Kaushalya wipes her tears and comes to him. She says it looks like yesterday’s incident, you were little and I used to take you in my arms, but I did not imagine that you will ask me my permission to go for van, what can be more painful moment in a mother’s life, when that moment has come, what will we do, how can I permit you. She cries and says but Ram… I m also a queen, alongwith being a mother, its my duty to let you do your duty, go Ram and fulfill your father’s and your promises, my blessings are with you. She blesses him. Ram greets her and smiles. He leaves. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. Sumitra asks what did you do Didi, why did you permit Ram to go in van, why did you not stop him by tying him in promise. Kaushalya says I wish I could do this, but today its imp for Ram to do his duty and protect Dharm, than mother’s love.

Surpanakha takes a sword and shouts Raavan… she cries and asks where is that murderer, that coward who snatched my husband, come out, see your death has come. Mandodari comes there and looks on shocked. She asks Surpanakha what happened, what state did you make. Surpanakha says you will get in this state soon, you will also take a widow’s avatar, where is your husband, he is so weak to get helpless to win by cheat, entire Lanka should know his cowardice, move off my way. Kaikesi comes and asks Surpanakha how can she dare to take Raavan’s name like this, when everyone respect him in three loks, he is your brother, respect him. Surpanakha says I will kill your son today. Kaikesi shouts and slaps her. Vibhishan looks on.


** Jai Shree Ram **

sita and all sisters hugs each other
mandvi sukriti and sita hugs each other
sukriti crying pic in siyakeram
supranakha becomes angry and comes to kill ravan
supranakha becomes angry and comes to kill ravan
ram sees sita tensed
sumitra crying pics seeing ram to go vanvas
kaushalya crying pics seeing ram to go vanvas
sumitra pics in siyakeram
ram smiling perfect pic skr
kaikeyi smiles in the satya bhawan
manthra tells kaikeyi that ran is going vanvas
sita feeling sad as ram is going to vanvas
laxman talking with urmila
sita crying pics as ram is going
ram hugs laxman and agrees for vanvas

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