ram looking tensed 18 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 110]

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18 March Episode starts with

Dasharath calling out Ram. He walks with difficulty and falls down. He sees Ram and calls out. Ram comes running to him, and holds Dasharath. Dasharath says you won’t go anywhere leaving me, I will not let you go, what all I did to get you, you are my life son, how shall I let you go. He gets angry and says Kaikeyi……. She lost her mind, don’t listen to her, I m the king, I will decide and it will be final. Ram consoles him and says its my luck that you are my father…. And that’s why its my Dharm to protect your respect, I don’t want that your head bows down infront of anyone, I don’t want that because of me, Raghukul’s prestige gets stained. Dasharath drops his head in his arms. Ram gets worried.

Sumitra and Kaushalya confront Kaikeyi. Sumitra says you loved Ram more than us and showed more right. Kaushalya cries and says Ram loved you so much, how can you plot against your son, did you not realize shame before thinking this, did you not think of a mother’s duty. Kaikeyi says I did this as I realized a mother’s duty. Sumitra says I thought you realized your mistake, it was my mistake. I felt you did this plotting since so many years. Kaikeyi asks Sumitra to be in her limits, don’t forget to whom are you talking, I know to talk in higher tone, I m Dasharath’s most beloved wife Kaikeyi. Sumitra says that’s why you used his love. Kaikeyi shouts Sumitra….

Kaushalya asks how did she turn stone hearted, why did she doing enmity with Ram, does she not love him. Kaikeyi says I m doing this for my son Bharat. Kaushalya asks how did you get biased. Kaikeyi says Dasharath did this by not making my son a king, but Kaikeyi knows to get her rights. Daasi says Dasharath is unwell. Sumitra asks Kaushalya to come, there is no use to talk to Kaikeyi. Kaushalya asks Kaikeyi not to come infront of Dasharath, you lost all rights on your family from today. Kaushalya and Sumitra leave. Kaikeyi looks on.

Urmila tells Sita that they all are always with us, don’t feel alone in this tough time. The sisters cry sitting in Sita’s feet. Sita recalls the fortune teller lady’s words told to Sunaina that Sita’s life has vanvas written. Dasharath sees Ram and says son, I knew you won’t go and respect my wish, I feel helpless, its not possible that I do in Sabhagrah, but your Raj tilak will happen here itself. He coughs and asks Guru Vashisht to complete Ram’s raj tilak here. He asks Sumanta where is the crown, I will make Ram wear it by my hands, hurry up, else shubh mahurat will pass, we have no time. He asks Sumanta why is he standing bowing head down, get the crown. He asks Guru Vashisht whats happening, why is no one obeying my command. He asks Ram will you obey my command, tell me son.

Ram holds his hand and says I have taken a decision. Dasharath asks what decision. Ram says I will obey Maa’s command and protect father’s command, this is my Dharm and I can’t go against this, I promised Maa, even if I did not promise, even then I would have done this to fulfill the two vardaans given by you. Dasharath asks him not to do this. Ram says I will leave for Van by seeking your blessings. Laxman gets angry. Urmila asks where are you going. Laxman says Kaikeyi did this plotting for her son Bharat, I will see who will send Ram away and take his place.

Urmila stops him and asks him to talk to Ram once. She says I know you love Ram a lot. He shouts Urmila, I told you I love my brother a lot and have duty towards him, you and our love should not become a hurdle in my way, move away. He leaves. She says I have to stop him. Ram asks Dasharath to bless him so that he does not deviate from his path, allow me to leave for van. Sumanta and Guru Vashisht look on teary eyed. Dasharath says no Ram…. And gets unconscious. Rishi says Dasharath’s health is becoming unwell, he is not bearing anything shocking, it will be good if he is allowed to rest, and not say anything that affects him.

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram holds dasrath
dasrath is ram arms and sees him
sita is tenses and stressed
ram dasrath ke seva karte huye
dasrath becomes unhealthy
ram becomes sensational seeing dasrath unhealthy
laxman to fight with bharat
ram seeing down
ravan become angry at danav lok
angry ravan pic siyakeram
ram understand laxman not to fight
laxman ask to go with ram to vanvas
ram agrees to take laxman to vanvas

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