sita take out water from pond 12 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – Read 12th March 2016 Written Episode [Episode : 104]

12 March Episode starts with

Ram telling Sita that some relations are made before meeting, like ours, you said about our relation which you felt before we met, I don’t know where I m really like you expected me, but I also felt the same, when I have known you by seeing the cloth you tied to ashwa’s wound. She says I know you have kept that safe, I saw that tied to the horse’s neck in Vishwamitra’s ashram, the moment I knew its you, I did not feel such eagerness and wish to meet anyone, don’t know why, I felt like I m getting something I had lost. Ram walks to her and says even my feelings were not different. She says when we sisters were commanded to leave from the ashram, I was waiting to see you, I had belief that I would get a glimpse of you before I leave. He says I came there. She asks why did you not meet. He says when I came there, you all left, I got late. She asks why did you not say. He says because of Maryada/code of conduct. She asks why today. He holds her and smiles.

Kaikeyi angrily slaps Mantra. Mantra says none can stop Mantra today, decision will be taken today, you can behave anyway with me, you regard me a Daasi, but I regard you my daughter, you have to listen to me, I will leave from here, but after this plotting, I can’t see your bad state. Kaikeyi asks why do you feel Ram’s Raj tilak is plotting. Mantra says hear it now, Dasharath has promised your father that your son will become his heir. Kaikeyi recalls Dasharath’s words.

Mantra says Dasharath gave promise and did not try to fulfill it, he could not see Bharat wearing crown even in child play. Kaikeyi recalls in FB that she crowned Bharat as king. Dasharath asks her not to make kids dream that can’t be fulfilled, even in play. Kaikeyi removes crown and apologizes to Dasharath, saying this mistake won’t happen again. Mantra says Dasharath plotted to make Ram loved by Praja, you love Ram and did not see any plan, forget this for one moment, answer me, why is Ram’s Raj tilak happening in Bharat’s absence, what is the hurry that Dasharath decided to crown Ram as king in one night, if his heart did not have any cheat in heart, why did he not send invitation to Kaikeya, he did not wish Bharat to come back, he has send Bharat there, I know message can’t reach Kaikeya in one night, why did he not inform you, why did he hide this from you, awaken Kaikeyi, your sacrifice of all these years, love and everything will get waste, you will become Daasi and your Bharat will become vanvaasi.

Ram says because I don’t want to get late this time, Sita a new adhyay is going to begin, and we will not get a chance to talk leisurely, its true that after Rajya abhishek, Rajya Dharm will be most important for me, that’s why, before becoming Ayodhya naresh, I want to tell you that I have infinite love and respect for you in my hear. He holds her hand and says this can’t change in any situation. Ram ram….plays………. He says you would remember, you asked me before swayamvar whether I would do many marriages, I told you no. She holds his hand and says you remember that moment. He says I remember all the moments with you, its very memorable, that day Ayodhya’s prince has told to Mithila’s princess, but today a husband is telling his wife, I will have just one wife Sita. They smile. He hugs her.

Kaikeyi asks Mantra to stop this. Mantra says even if you don’t like to hear this, I have to tell this, I m not saying this because I hate Ram, no Kaikeyi, I m saying this as I love Bharat and you, I have rights on you both, I can’t be quiet, if you don’t break your silence, then get ready for your downfall and Bharat’s dreadful future. Kaikeyi cries and leaves.

Kaikeyi works inside palace and recalls Mantra’s words. Mandvi tells her that she did the arrangements. She sees Kaikeyi lost. Kaikeyi cries and walks ahead. Mandvi gets clueless and wonders what happened to Kaikeyi. Raavan prays and shoots Agni arrow at Kavach’s palace. The palace catches fire and starts bu8rning. Kavach apologizes to Raavan and offers Raavan to get forgive him, and instead Kavach will give him all his magical powers. Raavan smiles and shoots another arrow. It rains and fires gets blown off. Kavach gets glad.

Raavan says I have spared you to get the magical powers which you have. Kavach says its not ordinary, its magical powers and obtaining it is not easy. He says we have to do anushtaan/rituals, if you succeed in this, then none can be as powerful as you. Raavan agrees and sits to do that Anushtaan…. Malyavaan looks on. Kavach does some rituals. Raavan sits in between the fire ring. Some magical fire type powers get inside Raavan’s body. Malyavaan smiles. Raavan opens his eyes and smiles….. he says now there is none in the world, who can face my magical powers. He tells Malyavaan to come with him to Indra, now he will see where Indra hides, he will make Indra a servant and keep in Lanka. Malyavaan says you said true, Indra humiliated us, he has to bear punishment.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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