sita and ram talking 10 march episode

Siya Ke Ram – 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 102]

10 March Episode starts with

Kaikeyi walking to Dasharath. She asks what did you think, none will know about Ram’s Raj tilak, don’t give any excuse now, it can’t show your decision was right and can’t lessen my sorrow, you did this after knowing everything, don’t I have any right on Ram, am I not Ram’s mother, answer me, you made me stranger in one moment, you thought if you told this to me, I won’t let this happen, you were wrong, Ram is my son too, you can’t imagine my happiness seeing his Raj tilak, its time for my and Ayodhya’s happiness.

Dasharath asks are you not against Ram’s Raj tilak. She says a mother can never be against her child’s good. Mantra gets angry. Dasharath says sorry, I did mistake. Kaikeyi says you did not tell me. Kaushalya says not just you, Dasharath has hidden this from us too, that’s why we were confronting him. Sumitra says we have no time to get angry, we have to do lots of arrangements. Kaikeyi goes with them. She sees Mantra outside and asks her to hurry up to prepare for Ram’s Raj tilak. The three queens leave. Mantra thinks when will Kaikeyi get sense, she does not think anything in Ram’s love.

Ram and Sita do the prayers while standing at the lake. The rishis play shank. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on. Guru Vashisht tells Ram and Sita to enter the pure water and fill it in kalash. He asks Laxman to get that kalash. Laxman smiles and gives that kalash. Ram and Sita get downstairs towards the lake. Siya ram….plays…………. Ram goes ahead and enters the lake. Everyone smile.

A man announces to Praja about the good news, Ram’s Rajya Abhishek is happening, Ram has gone to ghat for Sankalp. The Praja is also happy and cheer for Ram. They praise Dasharath and Ram. Sita’s sisters are happy too. Shruthkirti says Sita will be called Ayodhya’s queen now, it will be a prestigious thing for them. Mandvi looks sad. Urmila asks why is she sad. Mandvi says Bharat and Shatrughan love Ram so much, if they both were present here on this special occasion, they would be happy. Shruthkirti agrees and says such special occasion does not come often. Urmila too agrees and says if they were present, happiness would have doubled, we have less time to do arrangements, Ram’s Raj tilak will happen tomorrow, come.

Mahadev and Parvati smile seeing Ram and Sita. Sita takes the water from the lake and fills kalash. People cheer for Ram. Ram comes out of the waters. Sita smiles seeing the Praja. Kaikeyi comes there and sees Ram. Ram turns and sees her. Everyone see Kaikeyi and smile. Kaushalya and Sumitra come there too. Ram greets Kaikeyi and says seeing you here, all my worries got away. Kaikeyi says can this happen that I don’t come in my Ram’s Raj tilak. Ram says Maa, my new life is starting today, which has many expectations and duties, bless me that all my efforts do well for Praja and kul. Kaikeyi blesses him and asks him to do Uddhar of Ayodhya and the Praja by his Vivek/sense and Gyaan/knowledge. Guru Vashisht asks Ram and Sita to do rituals with this pure water. Sita nods and smiles seeing Ram. They go ahead.

Parvati asks Mahadev is he smiling. Mahadev says Devi, Narayan’s Raj tilak is going to happen, its reason of happiness. She says Raavan is torturing more day by day, and on the other side, Ram is progressing to another post. He says post is for ordinary people, its not possible for anyone to understand Narayan’s leela. She says its not impossible for you, even if none understands it, you always know it. She asks him the secret of this leela. He says his journey’s next step has a motive, it has humanity’s uddhar/reformation, the way Raghu Ram will choose, it will become Dharm way and take him to his destination, wherever he stops, that place will become special. She says if Ram’s Raj tilak happens, how will Raavan’s end be possible. He says everything has right time, don’t worry, you will get all answers on right time. They smile.

Urmila asks Daasis to place diyas everywhere, it will show there won’t be any darkness in Ram’s coming life. Mandvi gets the floral decorations done at the entrance. Shruthkirti also does her part. The queens get glad seeing the girls working so hard. Kaikeyi says it shows your love for Ram and Sita. She gives them responsibilities of food, havan items and auspicious things used in Rajya tilak to Manvdi, urmila and Shruthkirti respectively. She says Sumitra, we will go to Dasharath and see if the clothes and crown are ready. Kaushalya gets touched and says so much love for Ram in your heart Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi says Ram is such, I don’t need to try to love him, I just see him and love forms. They leave.

Raavan shouts that Indra can’t hide and snatch Swargpati post from me. Malyavaan says every problem has solutions. you have to get magical powers as Indra to catch him. Raavan asks how, I m ready to do anything. Malyavaan says solution is simple, KavachDaitya… Raavan wonders KavachDaitya….. Mantra burns her palm recalling the bad dream. She says Kaikeyi forgot everything to differentiate between right and wrong, rights and injustice, Kaikeyi has everything now, I regarded you mine since your birth, and sworn to take care of you, what did you do, you let me down for Ram’s sake, you lost Bharat’s rights for Ram. I swear I will ruin Ram’s happiness and snatch his rights, I will make Ayodhya Raj bhavan a place to mourn, there will be tandav, Raghukul will sink in sorrow and tear flood, I take an oath, this will happen.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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