ram and all brothers for haldi rasam 8 February Episode

Siya Ke Ram – 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 73]

8 February Episode starts with

Dasharath proposing Laxman-Urmila, Mandvi-Bharat and Shatrughan-Shruthkirti’s pairings for marriages. He requests Janak for his daughter’s hands for his sons. He says I have told this by Guru Vashisht’s words, I m sorry to say it now, but I request you to not feel pressure about saying yes. Janak smiles and says you increased my and Mithila’s respect, I happily accept your proposal. Everyone smile, except Bharat and Mandvi. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga hug. Janak hugs Dasharath. Janak says the four sisters stayed together since childhood, we had this tension that they will get separated after Sita’s marriage, which will be tough for them, they can stay without parents, but not without each other, I m glad that they will be together as one family. Sita finds Mandvi upset.

Mandvi rushes to palace. Sita goes after her and tries to stop her. She asks Mandvi why are you crying, are you not happy with marriage proposal. Mandvi says you were giving chance to give approval, no one asked us, this is not Mithila’s tradition where girls’ wish is respected. Why this partiality with us? She cries.
Laxman tells Ram that I m very happy with dad’s decision, our marriages will be together. Ram says yes, I m glad for Sita, the sisters will be together. Laxman says yes, its good for everyone. Ram sees Bharat tensed and asks him to come along to talk. Mandvi says if I don’t have wish to marry Bharat then…. Sita says you know Janak well, he will not do anything against our wish, don’t worry if you don’t like this proposal, I will talk to Janak myself, you will marry the one whom you choose.
Ram asks Bharat is he not happy with marriage proposal, tell me without hesitation. Bharat says I don’t think Mandvi wants to marry me, I m sure, I don’t find this right. Ram asks did Mandvi say anything. Bharat says no, when Janak accepted the proposal, I have seen Mandvi’s refusal on her face, I know she does not like me. Ram says this is not possible that anyone does not find you good. Bharat says whenever Mandvi and I met, the result was not exciting, I feel she does not want to marry me, I want to marry Mandvi by her wish, not without her wish, what shall I do.
Ram says if girl does not accept relation by her heart, she won’t fulfill her duties towards man completely, you go and talk to Mandvi, if you feel, what you are saying is true, don’t marry. Ram smiles and says you said right thing, I will talk to Mandvi soon.
Janak asks Kushadwaj are you happy with this relation. Kushadwaj says you and Sunaina gave much love to my two daughters, which even I and Chandrabhaga can’t give, you have full right to decide for them. Chandrabhaga comes and sits in Janak’s feet. Sunaina holds her. Chandrabhaga says your greatness makes me feel very small, I m sorry that I had doubt on Sita’s birth, Sita’s steps made our fate good, forgive me. Sunaina asks Chandrabhaga to hold these tears for the daughters’ bidaai, as four daughters will be married together. Sunaina hugs her.
Sita comes to Janak and looks worried. They go and talk. He asks her what happened. She says you never did partiality between we four, you encouraged us to take decisions, when it was about marriage, you asked me my wish, why did you not give right to your other daughters. Janak recalls how he accepted the proposal by Dasharath without asking the girls. He says I did mistake, I did not wish to force my decision on them, I should have asked their wish, I was so happy with Dasharath’s proposal that I accepted it, I did not remember this, Urmila would be sad, what would she think. Sita says Urmila and Shruthkirti do not have any problem, but Mandvi thinks she did not get that chance which her Sita Didi got. He says don’t worry, I will talk to Mandvi, if she does not want to marry Bharat, I will talk to Dasharath.
Bharat meets Mandvi and brings the box. She asks what harm will he cause today. He says no, I have come to make rectify mistake, I have tried to make this artpiece fine. She says I made it for Ram for special occasion, which passed now, so you keep this now. She leaves.
Mandvi comes to Janak and asks did you call me. He says when you were young, we used to give you chance to rectify mistake, same way can’t children give chance to rectify to parents when they make parents. Mandvi says I did not understand. Sita says I told Janak about your opinion, you will be glad to know that we are with you, Janak will refuse for proposal by meeting Dasharath. Mandvi says no, that’s not needed. Sita asks what, you told me something else. Mandvi says that time I did not meet him well. FB shows Bharat requesting Mandvi. She says your apology won’t get passed time back. He says I did not wish to hurt you, I did not get glad, even I m hurt, if you were not unhappy with the proposal, when Janak accepted the proposal, I have understood seeing you, whats in your heart… Janak has promised Dasharath, they are kings and related now, if they refuse for proposal now, it will be bad, so there is no need for you to refuse, I will talk to my dad and tell him that I don’t accept this marriage, I m sorry from my heart. FB ends. Mandvi says I realized I did mistake in knowing Bharat, I don’t have any problem with this marriage. Everyone smile. Janak asks really? Mandvi says yes, I accept this marriage proposal.
Chandrabhaga asks Mandvi to think well, if she likes Bharat in some time, then she may dislike him as well. Mandvi says no, I have thought well, I m ready for marriage. They smile. Kushadwaj says I will inform everyone about Mandvi’s decision. Janak blesses Mandvi and goes. They all go. Sita asks Mandvi what good qualities did you see in Bharat, that changed your heart. Mandvi says he is Ram’s shadow, he is opposite of me, he is always calm, whereas I get angry soon, but… Sita asks what happened. Mandvi says he went to refuse for marriage to Dasharath, if he refuses then… we have to stop him, stop him Didi…
** Jai Shree Ram **

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