ram and sita near pond 6 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 72]

6 February Episode starts with

Everyone standing near the river. Rishivar says its mahurat for the bath. Ram enters the river. Janak says Urmila did not come, where are the clothes for Ram. Shathanand says I will find out and goes. Sunaina’s brothers hear this and taunt on Janak’s arrangements. Mandvi says these clothes will suit Ram. The girls come downstairs. Mandvi collides with Bharat and the clothes fall. She starts scolding him saying she has made this plate herself especially for Ram. Urmila asks Mandvi to keep clothes in this other plate, Ram would be waiting, its my duty to see it does not get late, come. Bharat worries. He picks the plate and sees beautiful art made by Mandvi. Shatrughan teases Bharat and asks are you doing this with any planning or….

Narad comes on earth. Ram comes out of the river waters. Everyone look on and smile. Mangale Bhavane……….plays…………… Narad smiles and greets him. Ram walks out of the river and goes upstairs. Janak asks Kushadwaj where is Urmila. Shathanand comes and says princesses are coming, according to Mithila’s tradition, any dhobi will have to come and do this ritual. Urmila and sisters come and give the clothes, saying sorry to get late.
Narad keeps a cloth in Ram’s path and touches his feet. He greets Ram, and cleans his feet. Narad dresses as a dhobi/laundry guy. Ram smiles seeing Narad. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Shathanand gets puzzled seeing Narad and asks who are you. Narad says I m the one, for whom you all were waiting, now I have come and all work will be completed according to rituals and time. Ram holds him and smiles. Ram says I m happy that you came here. Janak says according to Mithila’s tradition, dhobi has to give blessings, I request you to fulfill this ritual. Narad says I should bless? Ram says its tradition and you have to do it. Narad gets thinking and worries. He thinks how can I bless Prabhu, you are my Aradhya. Ram goes to him and asks why this hesitance.
Narad says in heart, Prabha don’t test me, make me out of this situation, help me. Ram says I m waiting. Shathanand says time is running out, don’t delay, we have to complete other rituals too. Ram asks will you not bless me. Narad says who am I to bless you, you did Tadaka’s end, Ahilya’s uddhar, lifted Shiv dhanush and broke it, I m just get blessings from you, I m blessed meeting you, your and Sita’s marriage is Divya Milan, like Narayan and Laxmi’s marriage, I m lucky to become part of it, allow me to leave now. Ram stops him, and asks him to give best wishes. Narad says I have just best wishes, and it will always be with you. He greets Ram and leaves. Ram Ram…..plays………………
Ram gets dressed in royal clothes. Urmila does the rituals and asks Ram to sit. Ram sits for the puja. Janak asks Urmila to start next ritual. Urmila and everyone pray Om……. Dasharath smiles seeing his other sons and Sita’s sisters. Guru Vashisht realizes Dasharath’s thought, by seeing his sons and Sita’s sisters. He asks Vishwamitra did he realize Dasharath’s thought. Vishwamitra says permit Dasharath soon for this, as he would need this permission. Guru Vashisht tells Janak that Sita will be needed in the next ritual. Janak says sure Rajrishi.
Ram and Sita do the rituals at late evening hours. Urmila gives them diyas. They both take the diyas. Guru Vashisht asks them to come. Ram and Sita go near the river. Laxman asks Urmila to explain about this ritual. Urmila says union of both diyas regard union of souls, after marriage, husband and wife’s wishes, thought, struggles, patience, their journey, and everything becomes one. Mandvi says both diya’s union shows a single light, a house where two lives and two Sanskriti unites. Says this ritual is praying of a happy blissful family, by which not just their families, but also the society can get lightened. Ram’s brothers smile. Guru Vashisht asks Ram to leave the diya in water. Shathanand asks Sita to do same. Ram and Sita leave the diya in river waters, and make movements in water to let diyas go far. Siya ram………….plays………. The diyas get far and unite at some point. Everyone smile seeing this sight. Two diyas look one….. Ram and Sita smile.
Guru Vashisht tells Dasharath that we want to say, your thought in heart about your three sons and Janak’s three daughters, you won’t get such good chance to talk to Janak about this proposal, go ahead Dasharath. Dasharath greets him, and goes to Janak. He says I have a request Janak. Janak says you have right, you just command. Dasharath says I m very impressed by your three daughters, their values and knowledge, I m very happy, so its my wish that along with Sita and Ram’s marriage, my other three son’s marriages happen with your other three daughters. Janak, Sunaina and daughters get shocked.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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