raja janaka and maharani sunaina 26 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 89]

26 February Episode starts with

Rishi Mudgal treating Bharat. Bharat gets fine and opens his eyes. Mandvi and everyone get relieved and smile seeing him fine. Bharat smiles seeing Mandvi. He then gets up and hugs Ram happily. The brothers show great emotions. Ram thanks Rishi Mudgal and says I will be indebted to you all my life, you saved my brother’s life, I would be lucky to do anything for you. Rishi Mudgal says you are Dasharath’s son Ram, your birth happened for world’s betterment, you did favor on you by your birth, I wish that someone will always be there to help you when there is any problem. He blesses all of them. Sita consoles Mandvi and says its time to be happy.
Sumanta tells Ram that they have to leave from here soon, this jungle is unlucky and dangerous, we have to meet Shanta too, before reaching Ayodhya, journey is long, come. Ram says sure. They all leave. Virat stands at some cliff and looks at the carts going. Mahashambhar comes to him and asks Virat to give him more army, I will fail Ram. Virat says no, don’t hurry. Mahashambhar says if they cross Dandak van, we can’t fail them. Virat says we are weak now, Ram has ruined our army, we have to wait for right time, till we prepare to kill Ram, don’t worry, when the time comes, revenge will surely be fulfilled. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other.
Mandodari comes to her father’s place and recalls her father breaking ties with her. She recalls marrying Raavan. Her mother comes there and stops recalling the past. She asks Mandodari do you remember, your father won’t be happy seeing you here. Mandodari says he still hates me after so many years. Her mum says he does not hate me, that was destiny. Mandodari asks does he not wish to meet me. Her father comes and says I won’t like to meet you in future too. Mandodari cries and tell him that Raavan’s life is in danger, you are my father, help me, tell me about Amrit Kalash. He asks did you come to beg for Raavan’s life, he is a sinner, I hate him and have no pity for him, it means you have forgotten everything, I remember well, he has kept sword on my neck.
FB shows Raavan putting sword on Mandodari’s father’s neck and asking for Mandodari’s hand for marriage. Her father refuses to give Mandodari’s hand. Raavan says fine, I will cut your head. Mandodari comes running and holds Raavan’s feet, saying I will come with you, forgive my father, I m yours Lankesh and I will be yours forever. Her dad asks her what is she saying, remember, if you do this, our father-daughter relation will end forever. Mandodari says I agree. Raavan laughs. Her father gets shocked. She cries seeing her father. Her father says you did not do favor on me, but punished me, go and never come back. FB ends. Her father says I will not do anything for Raavan’s uddhar.
Mantra makes Daasis make rangoli. Kaikeyi tells her to make best arrangements, as four sons are coming with their wives. Mantra asks her not to worry, I did all arrangements for Bharat and Mandvi. Kaikeyi says not just them, but Ram-Sita and others too.
Kaushalya brings someone there. Kaikeyi asks who is she. Kaushalya says she is Sugni, KaushalRaj’s Daasi’s daughter. Kaikeyi welcomes her. Kaushalya says I want Mantra to guide her and make her capable to serve Ram and Sita. Kaikeyi says sure, Mantra will be glad. Mantra smiles and says yes, why not. I will teach her. Kaushalya asks Mantra to take care of Sugni and goes. Sugni asks what do I have to go. Mantra asks her to get puja items and scolds her. Mantra smiles.
Mandodari’s father says it was huge insult for me. FB shows Raavan burning a true. He holds Mandodari’s hand and taking wedding rounds around fire. He says Mandodari, I took first round by keeping Agni a witness, now you are mine. She agrees. He takes second round and says you will be responsible for my welfare and also my Kutumbh, you will share my sorrow and happiness, you will serve me always, you will be loyal to me. She says sure. He says nothing will be more imp to her than his respect. She says I agree. He says you will be my support me in fulfilling all my duties. She agrees. He says every man except me will be like father to you. She agrees. He fills her maang. Her parents cry. Raavan says you are mine from today Mandodari. Her father breaks relations with her, and calls her stain on his family. She cries. Fb ends.
Mandodari asks her father to understand her, whatever I did that day was… her father goes. Her mum says I can understand your problem, I m your mum, I will give you my powers. She passes her powers to Mandodari. She says now you can reach Chandralok and you will get Amrit kalash there, you will get Rohini, who was my friend before my marriage, she can help you. Mandodari says its wife’s duty to protect her husband, I m blessed that you understood me, bless me that I complete this work. Her mum blesses her.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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