sita and ram plucks bair from plant 25 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 88]

25 February Episode starts with

Mandvi crying for Bharat. Laxman gets the Rishi. Ram requests Rishi to treat Bharat’s wounds fast and save his life. Rishi checks Bharat. Ram asks what happened to my brother, will he get fine. Rishi tells Ram that Asur powers have affected Bharat a lot, its still day, that’s day the powers did not affect much, when it starts getting dark, the powers will affect him much the poison will spread in his body, it means we have to treat him before sunset, else Bharat’s life can fall in danger. Laxman asks the cure. Rishi says just a Brahmarishi Mudgal can cure Bharat, just he can cure such Asur powers. Laxman asks Ram to allow him and leaves with Shatrughan to find Rishi Mudgal.
The hawk comes back to the cave. Mahashambhar appears, and everyone cheer for him. Mahashambhar says that moment has come for which we were waiting, Ram’s two brothers are not with him, and third one is wounded, Ram is alone and helpless. They all laugh. Mahashambhar says we will not get such again to kill Ram. Virat says right, this is good chance to attack Ram and take our revenge. Ram and everyone look at Bharat sadly. Ram hears the hawk’s sound. He says maybe its sign of commencing danger, I have to leave, you all be here and asks Sumanta to take care of everyone. He prays and shoots an arrow in the air. A protective shield around everyone is formed. He says Sumanta, this is the protective shield, you all will be inside it, no Asur can enter this. He leaves.
Laxman and Shatrughan go to find RishiMudgal. Ram sees a huge army of Asurs. The hawk flies and comes there. The hawk turns into human and Mahashambar appears. They laugh. Sita and her sisters worry seeing Bharat. Laxman and Shatrughan see the ashram broken and get devastated. Laxman asks Shatrughan to come. They call out Maharishi. Laxman says there is no one here, it seems someone has ruined this ashram. Mandvi cries seeing Bharat’s body changing color. Sita asks her not to worry, Laxman and Shatrughan will soon get Rishi Mudgal and come here.
Mahashambar says Ram, you are alone and that too against Asur-sena, your end is destined today. Virat says I will be glad killing you, my revenge will get fulfilled. Mahashambhar asks Ram to make a try. Ram says Dharm, moving back from fighting is not possible for a warrior. Mahashambhar says fine, attack…. Ram shoots arrows at Asurs and burns them. Ram Ram…..plays…………
Mandvi cries for Bharat. Laxman worries and looks around. He sees some ants and asks Shatrughan to see. He says come and they follow the ants. Laxman checks the place and touches. Shatrughan says Bhaiya …. Laxman says stop, and senses Maharishi Mudgal inside the sand structure. Maharishi Mudgal sits with closed eyes. Ram kills more Asurs.
More Asurs run to attack on Ram. Ram shoots arrow and they get burnt. Mahashambar says attack and sends more Asurs. They all fall down and get burnt. Just Mahashambhar and Virat are left. They see each other and sign. Mahashambhar turns into a hawk and flies away. Ram leaves.
Laxman says Maharishi Mudgal… Shatrughan says is he inside, it means he is in Samadhi, we can’t break it, its not right, what will we do. Laxman says its about Bharat’s life, we have to do this. They request Rishi Mudgal. Laxman says we are sorry to disturb you, but we need your help. Shatrughan says our brother Bharat is attacked by Asurs, we are told just you can nullify Asur powers. Laxman says its sunset time now, please help us. Rishi Mudgal opens his eyes and comes out of that sand structure. He asks who is it, who ruined my Tapasya. Laxman says sorry, I m Laxman and this is my brother Shatrughan. Shatrughan says you can punish me, just save our brother. Laxman says yes, please come with me. Rishi Mudgal agrees and says I will help you. Laxman and Shatrughan smile and thank him, asking him to come soon.
Ram sees Bharat. Sita says its some time for sunset, but Laxman and Shatrughan did not come back with Rishi Mudgal. Rishi says we have to do anything fast, else result can be anything. Ram sits near Bharat. Laxman and Shatrughan get Rishi Mudgal. Ram greets him. Rishi Mudgal checks Bharat and tries healing him.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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