all four jodas of ayodhya after marriage 23 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 86]

23 February Episode starts with

Sita and her sisters lighting the diyas. She says where there is woman, that’s her home, even if its jungle, or house, we will light diyas as we used to light in palace. Ram and his brothers come there and smile seeing them. Sita says diya is not just to give light, it has some other motive too. The diyas flicker. The husbands hold the diyas to protect the diya from blowing off. Ram asks Sita to tell the importance of lighting diyas. Sita says this tradition has importance, light ends a person’s darkness in heart and glows his talents, burns the evil in him, and just glorifies the good things. She compares the diya light with one’s knowledge, saying one diya can light many diyas, but light does not get dim, this is the sign that knowledge does not lessen by sharing, it increases and ends the darkness of illiteracy. Ram says truly said Sita, Mithila’s daughters are abundant of knowledge, Ayodhya is blessed to have you all. They all smile.
Sunaina cries sitting in darkness. Janak takes the fire torch and reminds Sunaina that one day he was sitting in the darkness in same way as her. She recalls that moment. He says we got Sita and then became an important part of our life. She asks did you accept her absence so easily. He explains her that if there is no life in body, then what is the importance of sense, our daughters are like essence in our lives, they are not here and still present here in our talks, there is no question of their absence. He wipes her tears and says family is like a tree, whose branches can grow in any direction, but roots should be strong and together. He says our roots are very deep, wherever Sita and her sisters stay, they can’t be away from our love roots, come, Sita has given some instructions, I have to fulfill it, you told Sita that you want to get Vedshastra from me after she leaves. Sunaina smiles and says she told this also before leaving.. She keeps Sita’s painting back.
Kaikeyi shows the royal clothes for Sita and other bahus, to Kaushalya and Sumitra. A lady greets them and says Dasharath has entered Ayodhya. Kaikeyi says it means our four vadhus are coming Ayodhya, we should do our best to welcome them, come, we will prepare to welcome them. Sumitra, Kaushalya and Kaikeyi go with aarti plates. Dasharath comes with Guru Vashisht. Dasharath smiles and walks to his queens. Guru vashisht blesses the queens. Kaushalya asks about sons and vadhus. Dasharath says they did not come yet. Kaikeyi asks why, where are they, is it any matter to worry. Dasharath smiles and says four sons and vadhus are fine, they are going to keep Raghukul’s tradition and went to visit Ganga, Ram wanted to meet Shanta, they all will meet Shanta and come Ayodhya soon. Kaushalya asks Kaikeyi not to get sad, they all went to do Ganga darshan, we will prepare their welcome. Dasharath says there is no time to be sad, and asks them to do best arrangements to welcome their kulvadhus, they are our respect and pride.
Ram and Sita are on the way. Ram asks Sita will she not ask where is he taking her. She says just journey matters to her, not destination. He says you said right, journey is imp as we earn experience and fun from it. Sita sees the lake and says it seems Mata Ganga wants to tell us something. Ram stops the cart. Ram gives his hand to Sita. She smiles and holds his hand.
Parvati asks Mahadev why is Ganga Didi so restless. Mahadev smiles and says Vishnupati Ganga will meet Vishnu after a long time, she got this chance to touch Narayan and Devi Laxmi’s feet after a long wait. She says Ganga is sent by Brahmadev and she is called Vishnupati, its so strange. He says Ganga was sent on earth to get Moksh, which just Vishnu gives, that’s why Ganga decided to get Moksh by holding Vishnu’s feet, that’s why Ganga is called Vishnupati.
Ram and Sita stand near the shore and pray to Ganga. They both smile seeing Ganga appearing there, and blessing them. Ganga then greets them seeing their Godly avatar. Ram and Sita too greet Ganga. Ganga says I m blessed seeing Ram and Sita. Ram says Mata Ganga, you did uddhar of our ancestors by coming on earth. Raghukul was always be indebted to you, we exist because of you, accept our greetings. She blesses.
Sita asks Ganga Mata to accept her greetings. She says I heard your pure Kathas from childhood, I m blessed meeting you. Ram says your Darshan is regarded pure that humans get Moksh here, you are symbol of purity. Ganga says our blessings will always be with you Ram, if anyone’s name is linked with purity, that name will be Janak’s daughter’s Sita’s, she will be symbol of purity, this is my blessing for Sita. Ram and Sita take water in their hands and greet. Mata Ganga disappears. Har har Gange………….plays………… Ram and Sita smile.
Mahadev says from many examples, Ganga presents a beautiful example, she has come from Barhmadev and then from Narayan’s feet to me, it proves that me, Brahmadev and Narayan, we are not different, if anyone does Narayan’s Bhakti, I also bless that person and someone praying to me, will get Narayan by my medium, if his Bhakti is pure like Ganga then… Parvati says you both don’t have any difference, even then your Bhakts find themselves different. Mahadev smiles.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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