sita crying while bidayi 22 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 85]

22 February Episode starts with

Guru Vashisht blessing all the four couples and doing rituals. They all greet him. Guru Vashisht says sons, you all will be stepping in married life, you got the knowledge in this bachelor ashram, you can use that knowledge to know right and wrong in your future life, this ritual is necessary and it will be fulfilled when you all reach Ayodhya, after all the rituals are fulfilled, this thread will be opened, then you all can start your married life. Ram says Ji Guru dev and greets him. Guru Vashisht tells about Mata Ganga coming on earth, and since then Raghukul has a ritual that all newly weds go to visit Ganga first, I want you all to visit Ganga and then reach Ayodhya.

Dasharath says their mothers and entire Ayodhya would be excited to see them, if you agree, I will go Ayodhya and give this good news to everyone. Guru Vashisht says sure. Ram takes permission to meet Shanta and then reach Ayodhya, Shanta is elder than all brothers, and its their duty to get her blessings, Sita and her sisters will be glad meeting Shanta. Dasharath says sure son, Shanta will be very happy seeing all her brothers married. Dasharath tells Sumanta that I m going Ayodhya, get sons and bahus to visit Ganga and then Shanta, bring them to Ayodhya. Sumanta says sure Maharaj. Dasharath leaves.
A man is shown praying. He turns and sees Mandodari there. He smiles and says Bhabhi you… he greets her. He asks is everything fine. She says there is so much difference between both brothers, one is Shiv Bhakt and one is Narayan Bhakt, my problem can be solved by just Vishnu Bhakt. He says sure, tell me. She asks Vibhishan to help him in saving Raavan. She tells what Kaikesi said, and asks him to say what to do, to ensure Raavan’s safety. He says one who is born, his death is definite, no one can change fate. She says it can be changed, Satyavati got her husband back from Yamraj, you tell me solution, I will make it possible. He says Bhabhi…. She says just do this favor. He says there is one solution, the amrit which made Devtas Amar, if Raavan gets it, he can become Amar. She asks how is this possible. He says Vishnu gave that Amrit to Devtas, he got it from Samudra Manthan, then that Amrit was hidden, some Devtas know about it, your father will be knowing it, as he has made his protection shield, If you want that Amrit, you have to go to your dad. She says how can I go to my dad. He says this is the only solution. She recalls Kaikesi’s words and says I m ready to go to my dad to save my husband, I know he won’t be happy seeing me, but I have to do what is necessary.
Ram, Sita and everyone stop on the way. Sumanta says we will stay here to rest for some time, the jungle is ahead which is also good to cross at night. Ram agrees. Sita looks at her sisters. Everyone go in their respective tent houses. The sisters stay sad. Sita asks them what happened. She sees them crying. She asks why are they silent. Shruthkirti cries and says I m missing Mithila a lot, mum and dad…. Urmila says why is this pain in daughter’s life. Sita says our lives have a new journey, and we should start it with a smile, not tears, mum and dad have this expectation from us, that we live our life by the values they gave us, if they know you three are so sad here, won’t they get hurt, if we are tied to past and not see the future, how will we welcome future. She explains them that they have to move on, they all together, which sisters get this good luck to be together. She says the lines and says person should do kanyadaan to take the family’s ahead, daan means tyaag of the person close to heart, if dad has done our tyaag, we should respect this and make it valuable, promise me, whenever you miss Mithila, you will not cry and smile. The sisters smile and promise. Sita asks them to come, its time to lit the diya. Bharat and Laxman see them leaving. Laxman says where are they going in hurry. Bharat says they are going out of tents limit. Laxman says we shall protect them. Bharat asks him to go, he will come along Ram and Shatrughan.
Asurs meet up in some dark cave. MahaShambar calls out Virat. Virat comes there. Asur says Ram who killed my friend Subahu, he is here in Dandak van with his wife, his brother and their wives. Virat says Mahashambhar, Ram has to pay the price for this, many other people are taking to take revenge from Ram, they will be happy knowing this news. The princes who lost in Swayamvar come there and look on. they all say that Ram will have to get punished. Virat says we will attack Ram, his wife Sita and her sisters… you all will have rights on them, Ram will die by my hands. He laughs. The princes also laugh. MahaShambhar and Asurs get glad.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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