ram in yodha roop 18 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 82]

18 February Episode starts with

Ram saying I know where are Guru and Vishwamitra, I will bring them. Guru Vashisht sits praying. Vishwamitra greets him and smiles. He recalls the past incident and cries. Ram comes there and says tears in your eyes, will you not tell the reason to your student, if possible, I will solve the problem. Vishwamitra says many times we ourselves are the reason of our sorrows, sometimes pain knots are made such that it gets impossible to open it with time. Ram says sorry, sharing pain lessens it, if you say the reason of your sorrow, your sorrow will get less. Vishwamitra says you want to understand my sorrow, then you have to understand that situation. He says there was a time when I was not Brahmarishi Vishwamitra, I used to an angry and egoistic king, Raja Vishwarath.

He says I was returning from some way after winning the battle, I wanted to greet Brahmarishi Vashisht and stopped on the way to greet him. He greets Vashisht. Guru Vashisht welcomes him and his army. Vishwamitra smiles and asks do you want to welcome me and my numerous soldiers, fine, even if I accept your request, will you be able to arrange food for all of us. Vashisht says it will be arranged, don’t worry, you are welcome. Vishwamitra/Vishwarath says you are elder, I will accept it as your command, if anything wrong happens or you could not serve us well, then I will think its my insult. Vashisht says any guest can’t be insulted in my ashram, rest assured, come. Vishwamitra tells Ram that I was sure Vashisht will not keep his words, but I wanted to know how was he confident to arrange everything for such big army, what could be the reason. FB shows Vashisht asking the ashram people to arrange all necessities for their guests. Vishwamitra and his army sits to have food. The ashram people serve everyone. The soldier say we did not had such tasty food before, I m satisfied.
Vishwamitra gets surprised how Vashisht is well feeding the army and with ease. He thinks it’s a miracle to get such food here in this jungle. He asks Guru Vashisht how was this possible, I want to know. Vashisht says your question is right Vishwarath, but to know this secret, you have to come with me. He shows Kamdhenu’s daughter Mata Nandini, who has Divya Shakti, its her blessings that I fulfilled my promise to serve you well. Vishwamitra says great, unique, its just a king’s right, it belongs to me, anyways a Rishi won’t need a cow who fulfills wishes, I will use it for my Praja’s good, this will make me more famous. Vashisht says Vishwarath, this Divya Gau is given to me by Devtas for my Tapasya and Karm, its blessings are only for this ashram. Vishwamitra says this is my command Maharishi Vashisht. Vashisht says I don’t agree to your command, I will never give this DivyaGau to you, think this is my final decision. Vishwamitra gets angry. FB ends.
Vishwamitra says my ego was hurt when Vashisht refused to me, I asked my army to get that DivyaGau by power, but Vashisht failed me by his Tapshakti, I thought my army and my ruling powers did not help, I will also do tapasya and get those powers, then fail Vashisht to take revenge of my insult, I did tyaag of my rule and went to do Tapasya. FB shows Vishwamitra doing Tapasya for long years.
Vishwamitra says one day Mahadev appeared infront of me, being happy with my Tapasya. Vishwamitra says I asked all the spiritual powers and weapons of all the Devs. Mahadev blesses Vishwamitra and gives him all the Devastras. Vishwmitra then goes to the ashram and kills the ashram people. Guru Vashisht gets shocked seeing Raging Vishwarath. He shouts Vishwarath and stares at him angrily. He sees the dead bodies on the ground and says for your useless ego, you killed my innocent sons, your crime can’t be forgiven, I will punish you for sure. He chants some mantras and gets a Devastra in his hand. Devs come there to intervene and stop the fight. Devs ask Vashisht to have pity, if he uses this Devastra, the humanity will be punished as well. Another Dev asks Vashisht to control his anger, else this world will end. Vashisht cries and calms down. Vashisht looks at the people and cries for them. Vishwamitra looks on. FB ends. Vishwamitra says that day Vashisht has forgiven me, and with this my ego increased, I had one aim in my life, to make Vashisht lose and make him smaller, I got this chance in Satyavrath’s avatar.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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