sita in very beautiful dress 17 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 81]

17 February Episode starts with

Ravan doing yagya. Mandodari talks to her mum in laws and asks why is this tension, after Brahmadev gave that blessing that Raavan is immortal. Kaikesi says yes, Brahmadev says no Dev, man, bird, tree, animal can become the reason of his death, but he did not mention a woman in that list, it means a woman will be cause of his death. Mandodari asks Kaikesi which woman did she see that day. Kaikesi says that lady who was waiting to marry Narayan’s avatar, Narayan’s avatar has married that lady now, if you are a real Pativatra, then protect your husband. Mandadori asks the solution. Kaikesi says you are the solution yourself, you nullify the curse effect away from Raavan.

Sita goes to meet Gargi. Gargi asks her to go. Sita says my bidaai won’t happen without meeting you. Gargi opens the door. Sita tells Gargi’s importance in her life, and asks why is she crying today. Gargi says you were the only one in my life who was linked to me, how can I see you going away. Sita says this has to happen one day, a girl has to go to inlaws house, its time I go to do my duties and take my knowledge and teachings by you ahead, our relation is above birth and death, wherever I stay, your teachings will always be alive in me and give me courage, bless me. Gargi says I have seen the relations changing, people don’t understand a daughter’s relation is like Tapasya, it needs patience, maturity and many things for the relation to become successful, I bless you that you become Jyoti of Raghukul, and your prestige is known by ages. Sita hugs her and they smile.
Mandodari recalls Kaikesi’s words and says why am I not seeing any way, who can help me in saving my husband’s life. she says a Vishnu devotee have that curse and now only a Vishnu devotee can free Raavan off that curse, but who….. Sita goes to her birthplace and sits there. She holds the soil and says Maa, its time for me to leave, I came to thank you today. Ram comes and looks on. Sita says Maa, if you did not give me birth from Bhoomi, my name would have not been Sita, Bhoomija, my existence is because of you, no one can separate us, I was lucky that you gave me birth, I got Mithila because of you, I got a father like Janak, a mother like Sunaina, such a beautiful family, relatives like Mithila people, and a life partner like Ram by your blessings, my life is by you, whenever I got restless, I got peace being with you, now before bidaai, I came to make a request, if I lose in life and get tired by life’s struggles, I will come to you to tell my sorrow, that time give me place in your lap. She cries and takes some soil in her dupatta.
The soil drops and Ram holds it. Siya Ram…….plays………… They look at each other. Mahadev looks on. Ram says Sita, you are my wife now, it means happiness, sorrow and any state in life, I will be with you, as the strength in your every decision, I will be present as trust in dilemma, I married you by taking seven rounds around fire, all the seven promises are now on my inner soul, this will become basis of all my decisions, I remember well that you are going to get away from your parents, friends and relatives, so I assure you, not as a husband, but as a friend, I will always be there with you, there is no difference in us now, the sorrow coming towards you have to face me first, your struggle is my struggle, and I will never let you lose. She gets teary eyed and looks at him smiling. Mahadev greets them. Parvati asks whom are you greeting Swami. Mahadev says my Prabhu Shri Ram, who has laid a new role of husband today, he proved if man has trust and woman has devotion, then a angelic love is born between them, the love which will take their married relation to new level. She asks how.. He says if man and woman unite by marriage completely, then they become one, Shri Ram and Devi Sita are going to become Ardhanarishvara.
Rishi Yagyavalkya tells Janak that tomorrow is best time for bidaai. Dasharath, Janak and everyone smile. Janak says according to your words, I will keep my daughters’ bidaai tomorrow. Sunaina asks where are Guru Vashisht and Vishwamitra. Janak says yes Maharaj, we need their blessings at such auspicious moment. Sunaina asks did they get upset by us. Ram asks Sunaina not to worry, I know where they can be. He greets everyone and says I will bring them. He leaves. Ram Ram………..plays………….. Sita smiles.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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