ram puts varmala and sindor dan on sita 16 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 80]

In Today 16 February episode,

This had been discussed that why we say “Siya Ke Ram” or “SitaRam” rather than “RamSita” The Episode starts with Ram thinking of Sita’s words. Sita comes to him and says food is ready. She finds Ram worried and asks him the reason of his worry, what is he thinking. Ram says I met you few days before, then I have admired your individuality, but today I have seen a new Sita today. She smiles and asks new Sita? He says who one can’t be clubbed in any avatar, the one who spoke to her father with such humbleness, clarity, maturity and truthfulness. She says whatever I said was true. He says sure Sita, when we say truth, we think about the person’s feelings, expressing truth in such manner that person understands and accepts it is tough, only that person can do this who is selfless and true. Sita says you have known my this avatar, understood feelings of father and daughter, I m very glad, I m compassionate, but my relation with my father is such that he will not think of any reason for my words, our relation can’t be expressed, tell me is there such other relation where daughters get such independence to speak. Ram says no, but I hope our hearts have relation of such compassion, trust and truthfulness, the person who values relations values everything in life, I have seen purity of thoughts in you, I know the work done by good intentions reached the destination, I m blessed to get you as my life partner. Whenever world will know knowledge, love and trust, when they take my name, they will take your name first, they will not say Ram ke Siya, but Siya ke Ram from today. They smile.
Janak says Dasharath, you had to wait for bidaai rituals because of me, I m sorry, I was falling weak thinking of sending daughters away. He says there will be mahurat of three daughters’ bidaai tomorrow. Dasharath says I m very happy to see you are taking this decision. He asks Sumanta to send this good news to Ayodhya, that we are reaching Ayodhya with Putravadhus/bahus and sons. Sumanta says sure and goes. Dasharath sends his three sons to Guru Vashisht to take blessings. Dasharath and Janak hug.
The sisters come crying and hug Sita. Sita asks what happened. Urmila says trying to believe, we will be going from Mithila forever tomorrow. Sita smiles and wipes her tears. Mandvi says Didi, this Mithila is our birthplace, our childhood passed here, will it get away. Shruthkirti says we will leave from this house and family, how will they stay without us, and how will we live without them. Sita says its natural to have such feelings at bidaai time, but don’t forget the Dharm, its our Dharm that we should not hurt our parents, if they see us crying, they will get sad, they can’t be away from us, they are in our trust, we are lucky to go together, stay together always, we will find Mithila in each other and we are getting a new life, we should welcome this new life happily, else mum and dad’s sorrow will get high seeing or tears, if we happily leave, they can easily bear this sorrow. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga come to them.
Sunaina says Sita…. They make the girls sit. They have a talk. Sunaina says Sita always asked us questions, today I m asking you a question, what is the place of inlaws in woman’s life. Sita says inlaws get more important than Maayka, as her behavior is inlaws show her values and upbringing given by Maayka, and her inlaws becomes her new family, where the woman stays with her husband, children and Kul. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga smile. Bhoomija…………plays……… Sunaina says you four sisters grew up together, and its your good luck that you four will be there together in inlaws, will you behave with them same way there also. Sita smiles.
Sita says we are that Kul’s vadhu first before being sisters, and its our duty to respect our duty there, we raised by your values, we will not do anything to bring stain on our family, if they do mistake and behave wrong, I will guide them and show the right path, this is elder sister’s duty and also elder bahu’s right, I will always support them and make them respect the elders and kul. Chandrabhaga says I m very happy Sita, that all of them are becoming the younger vadhus of the family where you are eldest vadhu, I m not worried for them now. Mandvi says now we also feel this. Shruthkirti says Lord blessed us. Urmila says yes, if we stayed away, we would have not been happy. Sita asks Sunaina how will she stay when they all leave for Ayodhya, as she always stayed with them. Sunaina says you all are my world, after your bidaai, Janak will get very lonely, so after bidaai, I will always be with him, he wanted to give me Shastra gyaan since much time, now we have plenty of time. This way he will be occupied too. Sita says Mata Gargi did not come to meet after my marriage, shall I meet her. Sunaina nods. Sita smiles.
Ram talks to Shatrughan and says its auspicious time when a girl steps in home, girl is pride of the family, she protects her family’s respect, just imagine the separation, and reminds the pain when they got to know Shanta’s truth, when she did not stay with us, but bidaai of Mithila’s daughters will be painful. Rishivar says yes, its true, its very sorrowful for Janak and Sunaina, and also for Mithila people. He says Sita is important to them, just guess her importance knowing Sita’s birthplace is equal to temple for people. They do the darshan of that place and find themselves blessed. Ram smiles.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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