sita and ram in wedding costumes 15 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 79]

15 February Episode starts with

Sunaina telling the son in laws about Mithila’s tradition, that husband and wife breaks the fast by each other’s hand. The lady asks them to feed food to each other. All the guys smile seeing their wives. Sunaina asks Sita to feed food to Ram. Everyone look on. Ram says I m lucky that Sita chose me as her groom, married me and kept this fast, so this is my duty now that I feed the food to you by my hands and break your fast. Sunaina smiles. Ram breaks Sita’s fast. Sita then feeds the rice to Ram and breaks the fast.

Laxman says Urmila, this was the fast that bride feed the food to groom and breaks the fast, but today Ram has fed Sita first and made a new tradition. That’s why we all will also follow this tradition. Bharat nods. Laxman feeds the roti-kheer to Urmila. Shatrughan breaks Shruthkirti’s fast. Bharat feels shy and tries to feed food to Mandvi without seeing her. The lady asks Bharat to see Mandvi’s face who is eyeing him with love. The girls also break their respective husband’s fast.

Ram says Sita, its emotional moment for a father at daughter’s bidaai time, at marriage time, I have seen the bidaai worry in Janak’s eyes, mothers show the upsetness by crying, but its tough for a father to do this. Raavan is shown doing some yagya. All the loks get shaken up and start bursting. Mandodari says my Swami’s life has death shadow, even then he forgot everything and concentrating. Malyavaan laughs and says Brahmadev blesses Raavan that no one can kill him, your Swami is immortal. She asks does Brahmadev not know how this blessing is misused, Tridev did not bless this to anyone till now. Malyavaan says Lankesh has power to captivate even Yamraj and Mrityudev, he is very powerful, don’t worry. She asks how can she be free of worry when her husband got so many curses, and women have sixth sense/intuition.
Sunaina says I can understand its tough for you, but you explained me that we have to do daughters’ bidaai. Kushadwaj says it can be reason for sadness for father to do four daughter’s bidaai, but we have to do it. Sunaina says we have to prepare for bidaai, you tell us what to send with them. Janak looks on unmoved. Sunaina says this auspicious time has come, we should not delay in their bidaai, even my father was worried at the time of my bidaai, but I had to come with you. Chandrabhaga says you are our inspiration. Kushadwaj and Shathanand ask him not to be emotional and show them right path. Janak says yes I m Rajrishi, and reminds them that he is a father too. He leaves. Sita comes there and asks what is the matter Maa, why do you all look worried. Sunaina says we have seen your dad getting weak in daughter’s love for the first time
Sita recalls Sunaina’s words and Ram’s words. Ram goes to Janak and says since I heard about Mithila, I found it related to your nature, I heard about you from Guru Vashisht. The FB shows that moment. Ram says Guru told us that you serve Praja as their sevak, and lived simple life, your Rajya has peace, knowledge and compassion, these words created such personality in an 8 year old boy that I wanted to meet you, I always believed that you and your Rajya are good example, when I came here after many years, everything is still same, this is Mithila’s Vaibhav.
Ram requests him not to leave his patience, and take as much time as wanted, we will leave when you want, the mahurat is not important, the intentions and feelings are important. Janak apologizes and says I m failing to get away from my daughters, its first time this thought to send Sita away is troubling me and making me weak. Sita comes there. Janak says I felt I m not yogya to be called Rajrishi. Sita looks on and says Dharm is the one which we moralize and hold.
Sita tells Janak that she has learnt a lot from him, her entire existence is molded by him, and seeing his state today, she can’t decide anything, one side is Mithila and her past, and on the other side is her inlaws Ayodhya and her future, your decision will be acceptable to me, I have to keep respect of Ayodhya as well, who can get me out of this dilemma except you, whenever I was stuck in taking decisions, you helped me, today please help me again, you take the decision, be assured that I will heartily accept it. She wipes his tears. She holds his hands and they cry. Ram looks on.
** Jai Shree Ram **

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