sita and ram sitting at vivah mandap doing kankalp 12 february episode

Siya Ke Ram – 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update [Episode : 77]

12 February Episode starts with

Ram and Sita going in mandap and smiling. Mahadev, Parvati, Vishwakarma, Narad and Brahmadev smile seeing them. Ram and Sita take the garlands and exchange. Ram Ram Raja Ram………..plays………. Everyone shower flowers on them, The garlands are exchanged by other three jodis as well. Dasharath, Janak and Sunaina smile happily. Pandit asks groom and bride to sit in their places now. Ram looks at the Devs. Mahadev and all devs nod. Ram and Sita, Laxman and Urmila, Bharat and Mandvi, Shatrughan and Shruthkirti sit in the mandaps.

The pandits chant the marriage mantras. Mangalam………..plays……… Mahadev and Parvati smile. Shathanand says Ram is proved the best, Mithila is very lucky. Guru Vashisht asks the girls’ fathers to come in mandap for varpratha. Janak greets Ram and Shathanand asks Ram to keep his feet ion the plate. Janak washes Ram’s feet. Janak does the rituals with Laxman, while Kushadwaj does rituals with Bharat and Shatrudhan. Sunaina cleans Ram’s feet. Ram greets her. Dhanya hui Janakpuri………..plays……….. Sunaina does same rituals with Laxman.
Guru Vashisht says Kanya daan’s subh mahurat is close, and asks girls’ parents to come in mandap. Sunaina gets emotional and says how will I do kanyadaan with these hands, which raised the daughters, I can’t do this. Janak explains her about pind daan, parents have this duty to give their daughter for other family’s prosperity, that’s why Kanyadaan is regarded the superior and important daan in the world, come, fulfill your duty of being a mother.
Sunaina does the kanyadaan rituals of Sita. Janak does kanyadaan and gives Sita’s hand to Ram, saying the same in words. Dasharath and Devs smile. Shathanand does the ghatbandhan. Guru Vashisht tells about ghatbandhan, the husband and wife will have equal rights on everything, there should be love between them. Guru Vashisht tells about the significance of ghatbandhan, husband and wife get happiness after facing problems with love balance. He says lastly, the house will be full of financial stability and happiness, this ghatbandhan is prayer of that stability in life. He says happiness and sorrow will be together for husband and wife, everything will be together, this ghatbandhan is sign of this wish. Siya Ram…………..plays……….. Everyone smile. Sita and Ram see each other..
** Jai Shree Ram **

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